We’ve recently given the VECNOS IQUI 360 degree camera a spin and it’s a great little camera! It has a Quad-Lens Optical System with captures everything around you. The device looks great too and is beautifully designed, it is small like a pen and has a metallic finish to it. Furthermore it is light like a pen too! It is just 60g and will not weigh you down or fill up your bag, just simply throw it in your bag and take it around with you. Perfect for on the go shooting as it’s quick and easy to take photos and short videos with, just turn the camera on with a click and snap! The photos will be automatically forwarded to your phone to edit and share.

You can use the VECNOS IQUI 360 degree camera’s companion app the IQUISPIN. You are able to then turn your 360 degree photos into mini videos in just a few taps. However the videos that are shot with the VECNOS IQUI 360 aren’t viewable on IQUISPIN just yet, though the app will be updated soon. However, 360° videos shot with IQUI can be viewed with the following app. Google Photo, RICOH THETA. Being able to capture 360 degree photos and turn them into dynamic mini videos in seconds is great, especially since it can all be done with one hand. Making memories is getting easier and easier and the VECNOS IQUI 360 will revolutionise how you share your memories day to day.

VECNOS IQUI 360 Specifications

External dimensions Lens section Φ19.7 Grip section Φ16 x Length 139mm
Weight Approx. 60g
Data storage Internal memory: 14.4GB
Power source Lithium ion battery (built in; 720mAh)
Battery life Still image: Approx. 100 / Video; Approx. 30 minutes total
Usage temperature range 0℃ to 40℃
Bundled accessories USB connector, stand, USB-C cable, and soft case


Marcus Bronzy Says…

“It does exactly as it says it is meant to. The hardware is great, but i think some work can be done with the app to bring it up to the level that rival products are offering at the moment.”

Buy your own VECNOS IQUI 360 here!

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