Who funds the WHO?

The WHO, the World Health Organisation have been in the news a lot lately. Giving us daily updates on the world wide pandemic that we are all currently experiencing. It’s been in the news for other reasons lately however. As President Trump recently announced that he would be halting US funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to Trump, the WHO, are guilty of “severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus”.

So, how much does the US give to the WHO?

The latest figures (above) from the WHO show that the US gave $893m for its latest 2 year budget cycle. That accounts for about 15% of the groups total funding base. Furthermore it’s 10x that of the contribution of China.

While it goes without saying, retracting funding to the WHO. In one of the worlds worst global pandemics for a century has been heavily criticised. However, Trump hasn’t been the only one to criticise the WHO for it’s advice and actions at the start of the pandemic.

Contributors to the WHO is a really long list, coming in at #2 is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. They are soon followed by the UK, the GAVI Alliance, Germany, Japan and other organisations such as the World Bank.


China contributed just $86M to the most recent funding cycle. This is on par with Norway. A country with a population of 1/260th of it’s size.

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