Create The Perfect Gaming Room

If you love to game, and you are hoping to make it even more of your life, then one of the first things you should think about doing is creating a proper gaming area in your home. No matter the size of your home or who you share it with, you should be able to do this, even if it is just a modest corner of a room. Of course, it would be better if you can do it with a whole room, and some of the suggestions here will assume that you are changing an entire room into a gaming den – but you can still take these suggestions on board for smaller projects. Let’s look at how to create the perfect gaming room in your home.

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Limiting Distractions

If you want it to really work as a gaming den, you need to make sure that you are limiting any distractions from outside the room as best as you can. Part of that might have to do with placement, which is why for some people they might choose to go for a man cave style space, or even something like a garden shed. However, even a bedroom or a spare room can be utilised in such a way that the distractions are kept to a minimum. You can even get soundproofing for walls which is very affordable and put that up – which also helps to keep you from distracting others in the house as well.

Another way to limit distractions is to be careful about the layout of the room, regarding any windows or doors. You don’t want to shut yourself in from the world entirely, but it is a good idea to think about whether the placement of the screen is going to be suitable considering where the windows and doors are. You don’t want to be distracted in the middle of an engrossing MMORPG, so this is really something to think about in the early stages of the design of your gaming room.

Creating Comfort

If you are going to sit in the gaming room for many hours each day, you need to make sure that you are going to be as comfortable as possible. Creating comfort in the room is something that you can do easily enough and in fact you have many options for how you are going to do this. For one thing, you might want to think about splashing out on a full gamer’s chair, which is likely going to be one of the more expensive things you will buy, but will also provide you with a lot of comfort. If you are keen to not overspend, however, you would be better off with something like a bean bag chair, which can be just as comfortable and yet won’t cost you a huge amount of money. If you look at some of the best bean bag chairs for gaming, you will see that there are actually many to choose from.

But creating comfort is about more than where you sit. You also want to generally make the room just much more comfortable however you can, which could include basically anything that might make it a bit more like a normal living room. Bear in mind that you might want to have your friends round to play with you – so having an armchair and a sofa too might be a good idea, so everyone can stay comfortable.

The Tech

The exciting part for most people is the tech setup, as this is where the actual magic happens. Most gamers would agree that a bigger television or screen is better, so that is probably the first thing to try and find. You can do that fairly inexpensively by looking into whether anyone in your local area is selling a screen second-hand. Often you can get hold of one for very little money that way. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – anything with an HDMI slot or two and a big screen is likely going to be suitable.

You might also have a range of consoles, or a computer too, and you will need to find some kind of setup where you can easily switch between them all at will. That should be easy enough to do, but consider whether there is a particular console that you tend to use more than others. As long as you have thought about that, you should be able to create a much more enticing and enthralling gaming experience for yourself.


Add An Alarm Clock

You may not think that an alarm clock has a place in a gaming room, but hear me out! When you get into a new game, you can lose time. Haven’t we all been there where we’ve been playing The SIMS or checking out Wonga games and all of a sudden six hours are gone? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the game you’re playing, and it’s a good thing as it means you’re invested and you’re having fun.


If you add an alarm clock, you’re imposing a limit on yourself so that you’re going to be able to get off the game. You probably don’t think you need one, but believe us when we say the rabbit hole of gaming is a deep one! If you plan to play for money, an alarm clock will jolt you out after an hour or so, and you will be able to put a limit on your spending this way, too. Don’t be afraid to get a nice loud one, or you can go one better and have Alexa tell you when it’s time to come off the games!