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How To Get The Best Retro Gaming Experience

Retro games are still celebrated, years after release, as more than just relics or old cultural artefacts. Their ingenuity of design and amazing innovation have left people quite warmly reflecting on how gaming culture has developed since, and how certain timeless design ideals seem to inform the games we play today, too.


Getting the best retro gaming experience can be important then, for those who wish to enjoy an authentic play experience without any modern developments holding them back. This is for the purists, those that don’t mind scouring eBay listings for older games, or who believe that the best way to play a retro game is to have it in your hands and blow dust from the cartridge. It’s the people who believe this, who shirk at the thought of an emulator or virtual machine, that this post is geared for.


Of course, before we begin, we must consider which console we hope to play, and if that’s possible to source. We must also be prepared to pay for the privilege of sourcing collector items. From there, we may find potential in the following advice:


Consider The Latency & Monitor


Ensure you have the correct monitor and associated inputs to play the retro games you wish to play. Of course, older consoles can look good on newer TVs provided you have the right converter cables, but it’s also true that playing on CRT monitors or old-school 4:3 televisions can give you the best latency and image reproduction possible. It’s quite amazing to see how much of a difference this makes, and how ‘new’ is not necessarily better. 


Use The Right Controllers


While many games have been ported to mobile and offer virtual control experiences, there’s something quite amazing about sourcing an original console and ideal primary controller. Provided they too dusty and has been taken care of well, you may be able to source these and sell them for a tidy profit. Controllers can also give you a raw, reliable input in a game, even if it’s something older such as NES, two-button pad. Replica controllers can provide a similar experience, and the recent relaunch of classic consoles can also be fun to play – but there’s nothing quite like engaging with older games using the tactile inputs they were designed for.


Purchase From The Correct Sources


Make sure to purchase from reliable retailers or specific, dedicated stores. For instance, arcade games for sale are often delicate items that need to be cared for and organized in the best possible sense. So, opting for a website such as ArcadeClassics, run by enthusiasts from a similar school of reverence, can help you ensure the best product. Of course, you may gain a great deal rooting through old garage sales and second-hand stores, but if you want a quality product, you have to find a quality source.


With this advice, we hope you can easily get the best retro gaming experience available.