Tech In The Drive: How It Can Pass Time

A lot more people are taking their cars on longer trips. Whether they’re just using them to visit more places, or using them for one long holiday journey, they can get a bit boring. There are ways you can make them better. Ways to make the drive more comfortable for you and for any of your family or passengers. These products and solutions have become far more popular recently. Coronavirus is the reason. Where people would usually take a trip or holiday abroad, they’re now staying home in their own country and using their personal vehicle to get them around. Things don’t look like they’ll change either. Second spikes are springing up over the world and stopping people doing what they usually would during summer. Driving is fine for the main, yet it is a little riskier than a plane and there’s a little more to it than taking a few stops in service stations when considering a long journey. Especially if you’re going on a trip carrying a trailer or caravan with you. These tips can give you a helping hand on your way to a successful trip and maybe a constantly better drive in all.

Driving At Night?

Night driving is usually harder than driving during the day. The reason being you simply can’t see as much. Of course, if you’re out on a longer drive you need to get the usual things done. The oil changed, tyres swapped if the tread has gone and maybe a wheel alignment for smoother driving. However, there are certain things which can help you during a night drive. There are night vision systems which can sit nicely on the dash and give a great view of the road ahead, usually up to around 1000ft depending on the product you go for. This helps on a long journey, but it also helps if you are regularly driving at night. You need to keep your eyes on that as well as the road, but if you’re going places with little light it can really help you out. Driving at night is tough enough, but remember, nothing beats tiredness, so try to get a coffee when you can or swap drivers. Or, call it a night and check into a roadside hotel. Remember, check your front and brake lights before you head off too.

Entertainment System

There’s nothing more annoying or off putting than bored children in the back seat…it’s fair enough if they’ve got nothing to do for a long trip. You can get around this. Portable DVD players are a thing of the past now. Especially when a kid can use a phone connected to the internet and watch whatever they want. But data is expensive. While they’re streaming away it can end up costing you a fortune. However, you can get wifi for your car these days. A bubble of wifi which plugs into your car outlet and allows you and your family to use it as you go. Much better than using data and certainly something for kids to enjoy. They can enjoy games on their phone, stream videos and use social media without you having to worry. Tech can fail though, so be sure to chuck some magazines in the car to keep them entertained, especially if you’re going to be in the car for a longer period of time. 


No SatNav? No problem

Lots of cars come equipped with sat nav these days. They vary in quality and longevity, but for the main they do the job. If you haven’t got one of these then the likelihood is that you’ll be using your phone. It’s a fine substitute, and in a lot of cases the road data will be more up to date than the car sat nav. The issue here is that the battery will drain pretty quickly. While you can use a corded charger, it sometimes can be a little annoying when wires are all over the place and you’re trying to focus on driving. To get around this you can use a wireless phone charger. One that can keep your phone full of charge as you’re driving and using it for satellite navigation. This way you won’t be worried about your phone cutting out and being left in navigational limbo, neither will you have to worry about wires getting all over the place. It’s a great bit of kit which can easily boost your phone when you’re in the car. It can also keep your hands free too.