La Liga

LA Liga are changing the way we watch football!

Marcus Bronzy is at Mobile World Congress and he headed over to La Liga where he was shown some of the cool techt they’re using to improve the way we consume football television!

La Liga

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Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 1 March 2018

La Liga 4K HDR

The way that Spanish football is broadcast will soon be taken to a different dimension. Very much thanks to the 4K HDR broadcasts that the league displays to two headline matches every matchday. To achieve this a grand total of 20 different HDR cameras are used to give viewers the crispest and clearest image possible. Though these types of broadcast are saved for headline games such as El Clasico. With the use of HDR it makes viewers feel closer to the action and as a result a lot more immersed in what they are seeing on screen. La Liga are one of the few organisations and football are one of the few sports that are taking advantage of HDR and it will look to really improve the quality of games on display.

La Liga: Intel True View

Intel True View is like something that you have never witnessed before. Viewers of La Liga are able to see replays in full 360 degree views. So each play is reproduced on screen so they can get their own perspective on games. Allowing replays to be viewed from any position and any angle. However, there is nothing quite like what we saw at Mobile World Congress.

First up is the ‘Be The Player’ feature, where users get to physically see what the player see’s during a match. So for example, you see a match and a shot was missed. You’re able to be shown a replay of this goal but from the players perspective. How cool is that!

Furthermore there will no longer be arguments between you and your mates about is it or isn’t it offside. Thanks to the use of something called the “Laser Wall”. The “Laser Wall a virtual wall that’s overlaid on the pitch giving viewers a much clearer view of the offside call.

La Liga: 3D Graphics

Ever wondered how much a player has run during a match? How well they’re doing throughout the season? The pass percentage during a game? Well now you can thanks to 3D overlays that’s displayed on the pitch above the players heads during live broadcasts. The tech allows viewers to give a unique insight into the analytical space of the game of football. Furthermore the tech also allows tactical and positional changes to be displayed on the screen during replays. So this one is mainly for the statisticians out there and for those who like abit of novelty in the game of football.

La Liga: Virtual Reality

VR is making it’s way to football! The use of VR allows viewers to pick and choose what they’re watching while the game is being played. Be that a highlight of the game or a replay, just by simply looking at it on screen. You’re also able to see 3D models of players right in front of you in your living room, not only that you can watch the game in full 360 degree VR! Putting you right at the heart of the action!

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