Netflix Gave Away 83 Year Subscription!

Netflix recently gave away an 83 year subscription! Yes you read that right, an 83 YEAR subscription. So basically you’ll never have to pay for Netflix again. To promote the new Charlize Theron Film The Old Guard, they held a gaming tournament. With the prize being the basically lifelong subscription.

To win, all you needed to do was to be amazing at the original video game of The Old Guard. The task? To beat everyone and by the number 1 gamer by the end of a weekend a couple of weeks ago.

Netflix described the prize as an ‘immortal’ subscription of 1,000 months. Which is 83 and a third years.

The game was a ‘browser-based, top-down beat em up”. You’ll be  playing as Charlize’s character, Andromache of Scythia.

Originally, in the comics, Andromache was the oldest in the gang of immortals. She uses a double-bladed axe called the Labrys to hack and slash her way to victory.

The Netflix film is about immortality, so even if you die in the game, you’ll just move slower, which would have made it difficult to get the top score.

While the competition has now ended, you can still enjoy the game! So, go ahead and play it, why not!

The game is available here!


The game will be available here from 4pm today (Friday 17th July). Good luck.

Listen to the guys chatting about it here!

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