Power Up 3.0!

Ever wanted to fly your paper airplane that much better?

Bored of flying it once and then having to get up out of your chair to go and get it and throw it back?

Well that is a thing of the past thank to the PowerUp 3.0!

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To see what the PowerUp 3.0 is please view the video below!

Episode 119 How Edith Bowman Kills Time

WORKING Apple Mirror (Concept)

Someone has created an Apple Mirror that actually WORKS! It’s just a concept from YouTube user “dymekraf” but it gives a cool insight into what Apple could actually do with an iOS intergrated Mirror. It can do a whole heap of stuff such as:

  • Show the Time/Date and weather
  • Touch activated (to bring up the apps and information)
  • Can move apps easily
  • Can send a message directly from the mirror
  • Play music from connected speakers

Check below to check out this guys cool invention!

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Crossy Road!

Remember back in the good ol’ days we had Frogger? No?

Well if you’re too young to remember Frogger it was a simple game, basically you had to get the frog as far as possible up the field as you can, avoiding things like water and crocodiles.

Well Crossy Road has modernised that game with tons of different characters and added features like collecting coins and challenges that you have to complete. But this time with a chicken. Why did the chicken cross the road. Well you’re about to find out!

With over 100,000,000 downloads these guys must be doing something right and for one, we find it incredibly addictive! You always want to see if you can get just one step further! Plus the added bonus is that it is incredibly easy to just pick up and play!


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WhatsApp Video!

WhatsApp has hit iMessage with a massive punch and added video calling to their app for FREE.

First they started with regular old instant message, then group message, most recently they added voice calling to their ranks and now they’ve probably put the nail in iMessage’s coffin with Video Calling.

No more green messages! Yay!


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The New Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro’s are here and they’re better than ever and they look so cool for one!

They’re obviously much more powerful than previous models, they’re much thinner and lighter and not to mention the screen has had a massive upgrade too! Now more brighter and colourful allowing you to work and view media gloriously!

But what is getting everyone talking is this new touch bar, a multi-touch enabled strip of glass that is fully customisable and changes depending on what app you’re using.  They replace the function keys along the top strip of the keyboard and become something that is much more versatile than regular old function keys. For example you can have intelligent typing complete with auto-complete and emoji’s like you already have on your phone or on Final Cut Pro X you can scroll through your timeline with the Touch Bar quickly and easily.


The keyboard has had a slight upgrade too, becoming shallower than previous generations and is now much more responsive with a Force Touch trackpad which is now 2 times larger than before.

The Macbook Pro comes in 3 different formats:

13 inch Macbook Pro (with no touch bar)

13 Inch Macbook Pro

15 Inch Macbook Pro

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EP 90 Best Fiends Forever (Bonus)

Beats Studio Wireless!

Nick Bright recently bought an iPhone 7, which by now we all know doesn’t come with the 3.5mm headphone jack. So to combat that he also got himself a pair of Beats Studio’s — But in wireless!

It’s the same headphone as the regular Beats Studios that we all know and love, but just doesn’t come with all those pesky wires. (Although there is an option to use a wire if you so wish. Just plug in the 3.5mm aux cable into the cans then the other end into a piece of hardware that has a 3.5mm jack in it)

Has all the features of a regular Beats Studio so thats Adaptive Noise Cancellation, ReChargeable battery and top quality sound. The Bluetooth tech inside the cans can control calls, skip songs and change the volume all within 30ft so you can walk around and do whatever without worrying about getting the wire caught on the door handle and your expensive headphones going for a flying lesson.

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Pineapple Pen!

Marcus was feeling a little bit poorly recently so had a lot of time to kill and some of that time was killed by playing a game which is poor but it’s so poor it’s good. This is one of those games. Pineapple Pen.

It’s simple, all you got to do is stab the pen into the pineapple. Tap on the screen to throw the pen to try and hit an apple or a pineapple. Simple. Easy and Fun. Kinda.

Download and hear Marcus’ thoughts on the game below!




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Triller Music Video Maker!

This week Marcus is reviewing an app which can make you just like your favourite artists and feature in your very own music video all from an app on your phone!

The app is called ‘Triller Music Video Maker” and has a community that is 10 million strong! All you got to do is pick a song that you wish to feature in, shoot a few takes and then with a simple touch of a button Triller splices them all together to create a music video that even Rihanna will be jealous of (maybe). Share your videos on Triller to become Triller famous or check the rest of the communities creations.

Download Triller below!

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-20-16 screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-20-00screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-19-47screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-19-37

To download Triller please click here: Apple / Android

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