It’s almost Christmas time and do you know what that means? Hint: Argos.

Mistletoe?  – No

Chocolate? – No

Lots and lots of food? – Also No!

Alcohol?! – Nope!

So, what is it then?

Well, if you remember as a kid, Christmas almost always meant going through the Argos Christmas catalogue and picking out lots and lots of toys for Mum and Dad (oops!) we mean Santa to get for you. Circling them with a biro and a big grin on your face as you held that heavy catalogue of goodies on your lap.

Well, a brand new website has been launched that goes through the differing years of Argos Catalogos for your viewing pleasure, starting from the 70’s. While finishing up right to the present year for this years 2019 gifts!

Furthermore you are even able to click into each decades book and get a virtual look at what everyone was purchasing in yesteryear for Christmas.

Yes, you may get to go decade by decade but you also get to check out each year from within those decades catalogues! There’s a lot to look through and it was fun to check out the year in which you were born’s catalogue. Because, why not?!

As it can get a little nostalgic going through the different Argos catalogues so be warned! You may just want to be a kid again after viewing this website!

It’s not just a catalogue. It’s an Argos catalogue. (What? Wrong slogan?) – However, in all seriousness, as a kid in Britain an Argos catalogue was something that we all looked forward to looking through. Yet, there was just tons and tons of toys to look at and hope and wish that Santa would bring.

So, why not check out the full website by clicking here!

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