AMAZING Tech from BakkerElkhuizen

We all love a tablet and for many of us it’s integral to our day to day lives! It’s more than just a bigger smartphone, it’s a convenient work horse. They’re being used intensively and are more for taking notes and reading reports. However, this can lead to strain on the neck and shoulders. By putting a tablet on the desk, it causes us to naturally bend over. Plus typing on a touchscreen will give us some unwanted strain! Furthermore there’s not that satisfying click that tactile keys give you! Typing on a touchscreen for a long time is hard too! While using the right accessories will help prevent that! We’re looking at you BakkerElkhuizen!


We’ve seen the Ergo-Q Hybrid from BakkerElkhuizen and it is fantastic! It’s a 2 in 1 stand that works with both tablets and laptops under 17″.  It even has 4 different height settings, giving access to both landscape and portrait modes in tablets.

Plus the UltraBoard 950, a wireless keyboard, helps users to type whilst using the stand. It helps to work on the go and has an incredible 4 and a half weeks worth of battery power with each charge.

The keys of the UltraBoard 950 Wireless has a super light touch and has a scissor mechanism. Which helps to give fantastic feedback to typers. It’s only 19mm thick too! Making the reach distance to a mouse smaller. Thus reducing pressure on forearms. Not to mention easy to transport!

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