A Star Wars Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a big deal right now. Everyone working from home and using video calls to communicate with colleagues. Well now you can transmission in from the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. A Star Wars Zoom Meeting if you will. Making you appear as if you are taking the video call from a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars Zoom Meeting from The Empire Strikes Back’s Hoth, the ruins of the Death Star, and many, many more. We even encourage you to dress up as a Star Wars character to make your Star Wars Zoom Meeting that much more authentic. We aren’t responsible if you get disciplined though.

You can easily download any and all backgrounds below. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click on any image to open it at full resolution.

Step 2: Save to your computer or mobile device. (You can either right-click or use your browser’s download icon.)

Check out a selection of them below, however these are LOW RES, you need the HIGH RES versions of the pictures which you can find on Star Wars’ official website here.


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