Fifa Ultimate Team Gambling?

Fifa Ultimate Team can be argued that it’s a form of gambling. To be honest, they would probably be right. You buy packs and you don’t know what’s in them, you get a bad pack, so you buy more packs. The cycle repeats itself.

It’s unregulated gambling and the Belgian Game Commission called it illegal. Now two French lawyers are looking to file two separate lawsuits against EA in France. They claim that FIFA features gambling mechanics.

A quote from 2 lawyers shows how loot boxes are perceived in Europe| Source: Kotaku

EA have allegedly referred to them as “surprise mechanics” which isn’t that what gambling is? The lawsuits are due to players who have spent over $650 on Ultimate Team. According to the clients of the lawsuits, they claim that it’s possible to spend excessive amounts of cash on the game. While not getting any decent players in return for what they’ve spent.

It can be argued that you can become addicted to opening backs and the randomness of what you get in them, combined with the fact you buy them with real money, makes it gambling.

So, is it a form of gambling? Should loot boxes style mechanics be banned?


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