Which TV shows have been spoiled the most?!

We all hate our TV shows being spoiled, hence why a lot of us “mute” words on Twitter and eagerly turn off the radio or your favourite podcasts if they start discussing last nights show. Which you’re yet to watch in peace. But which shows get spoiled the most?

A new study have revealed which shows are the most spoilery. While it may not come as a surprise to most, Game of Thrones was the worst offender for spoilers.

According to musicMagpie’s research, there were 2,351,178 spoiled laden tweets. This is over the course of the shows entirety too. They discovered that The Long Night (S8, E3) which saw armies of the loving and the dead finally meet. Was the most spoiled episode of Game Of Thrones. (Can that class as a spoiler? Sorry if you haven’t seen it yet!)

Coming up in second place was The Walking Dead. With 734,794 spoiler tweets, Breaking Bad came in third with 316,833 spoiler filled tweets.

Most Spoiled Tv Shows

Interested in the rest? Well, here’s the top 10 most spoiled shows on TV:

# Show No. of spoiler tweets Most spoiled episode
1 Game of Thrones 2,351,178 S8 E3: The Long Night
2 The Walking Dead 734,794 S7 E1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
3 Breaking Bad 316,833 S5 E16: Felina
4 Doctor Who 289,126 S11 E1: The Woman Who Fell to Earth
5 Stranger Things 217,912 Season 2 Netflix Premiere (31/10/17)
6 House of Cards 137,922 Season 2 Netflix Premiere (14/2/14)
7 American Horror Story 75,574 S3 E13: The Seven Wonders
8 Westworld 50,210 S2 E1: Journey into Night
9 Hannibal 49,106 S3 E13: The Wrath of the Lamb
10 Black Mirror 45,865 Season 4 Netflix Premiere (29/12/17)

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Black Mirror Nosedive

Black Mirror Nosedive: The reality

Remember that article we wrote about Black Mirror Nosedive episode? The one where citizens rank each other based on behaviour. Well, there’s an update. In the original article, it may have become a reality. Well it’s looking more and more likely now.

Here’s what Nosedive is all about:

According to ABC Chinese citizens will soon be ranked out of 800. This number can be raised by doing community work or buying Chinese products.

Commit Fraud or smoke in non-smoking areas, buy stuff that government doesn’t approve of and your number will decrease. Things the government doesn’t approve of is stuff like alcohol and violent video games.  If you have a high score however you will be treated to VIP treatment at airports, have your deposits waived when hiring a car. You’ll even be fast tracked to top universities or land a better job apparently.

Low score citizens will get some harsh punishments such as being banned from travelling or applying for government jobs. You’ll even receive a negative score on your credit, even restrict access to high speed travel as well!

Successful Trials of “Black Mirror Nosedive”

The Black Mirror Nosedive type scheme has already been implemented successfully in a number of trials in  China.

The scheme will make use of smart phones, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and geo-tracking. So quite a lot of tracking! Your score will be combined alongside the data that the government already holds on you. Such as financial, medical and educational history.

While ABC are reporting that the scheme may be up and running by 2020. The China communist party allegedly states that it will allow ‘‘the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step’.

What’s scary is that CBS News spoke to a Chinese journalist, who stated that he was barred form booking a flight because he was ‘untrustworthy’. The government ordered him to apologise, he did, but it was deemed insincere. So his score unfortunately didn’t rise. He told them that

I can’t buy property. My child can’t go to a private school. You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”


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social ranking

Social ranking: Black Mirror predicting the future again!

Black Mirror continues it’s eery trend of predicting the future. This time with the terrifying episode of ‘Nosedive’ With Social ranking.

For those who haven’t seen Black Mirror or Nosedive, the episode explores how we’re all obsessed with ‘likes’ The episode delves into the way that we use social media in our daily lives and how what we do is determined by how many ‘likes’ we get. Including how upset we get when our online popularity takes a ‘nosedive’

The episode’s plot revolves around how people are rated out of five after every interaction that they have with one another. Thus each person has a real social ranking, that we can all see. Furthermore, ratings of a ‘person’ are affected by where you live, who your friends are and how you travel. So kinda like we all do now, but with a tangible element to it. Whether you like it or not, do it consciously or not, we all make prejudgements based on the above.

In the episode we see Lacie a young woman who is looking to climb to the top of her social ladder. We won’t spoil the episode too much. However, she does a lot to impress others and make her rating better. Until, you guessed it, things go from bad to worse and her social ranking takes a ‘nosedive’ If you have instagram mixed with an Uber rating, this is how your ratings are shown to others in this world.

Social Ranking: Real Life

This nightmare of all prejudging others may become a reality in China. Soon. 2020. Soon.

According to the Telegraph, it’s citizens will be given a ‘score’ the lowest of these scores being 350, highest being 950. To get a higher score, citizens can give blood, do charity work or by sending positive messages about China on social media. Cancelling a reservation for something having friends with unsavory people. Boom. Ratings nosedive.

Being a good member of society gets you bonuses! Cheaper public transport, free gym membership. Plus you may even get a fast pass for waiting times in hospitals. (My words not theirs, I just thought it sounded funny, really call it fast pass) All you lowly people at the bottom of the totem pole. SLOWER INTERNET SPEEDS! So if one day you realise your internet is super slow. Blame you. Not the ISP. Go out an give blood and maybe, just maybe, your internet will get faster.





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Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is back to scare the life out of you. Put down your phone. It’s watching you.


Season 4 has just begun and we cannot recommend it enough!

If you haven’t seen the show before, fear not. As the episodes aren’t interlinked and you can watch a different episode from any season and not need to know whats happened.

“Black Mirror” is at its heart a contemporary reworking of ‘The Twilight Zone’ Created by Charlie Brooker, each episode is a stand alone drama, that aims to tap into the technological paranoia of modern society. It’s sharp, suspenseful and often shocking, but it’s incredibly gripping drama.

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