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Last Seen Online

A book that’s not a book? Last Seen Online

Books in the 21st century are changing and they’re becoming a lot more than just an e-book on an Amazon Kindle! As seen online and many different apps, books are becoming a lot more interactive and more like a movie or a tv show! Last Seen Online is just that, an interactive book on just your phone. It takes place over 7 days and is in the form of a WhatsApp style chat log.

Last Seen Online is developed and created by unrd, the BookTech company of the year 2016, it’s award winning and best of all it’s free to download!

The fictional chat style story allows users to read through messages of a missing girl. We are then introduced, in real time, messages from her friends and family as you and her friends and family discover what happened to her.

In an almost cluedo style game, the app replicates a group chat messenger experience. It is here where you can delve into relationships between each of the characters. Understand how they fit into the story of a woman’s disappearance. It can get quite thrilling and sometimes scary so, you’ll most likely be gripped to your phone!

Last Seen Online: Plot

Amy Morris was out with friends celebrating her 26th birthday. However it is the day after and she never made it home. You have access to her text messages.

Read all of her conversations she had with her friends and family before she went missing. Then start receiving messages in real time as they realise she never returned home.

Over the next 7 days you’ll receive texts, audio messages, images and even videos as you delve into the life of Amy Morris and experience a mystery thriller, in a manner which is unlike no other.

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