Boosted Beams – Boost in the dark!

Boosted Boards are a lot of fun, but when it gets to nighttime it can get a little tricky to ride them safely around town. Boosted have heard you loud and clear and have dropped an amazing accessory for your Board. The Boosted Beams.

Boosted Beams plug directly onto the board via an accessory port located under the trucks (2nd Gen Boards). This fully integrated design means you’ll never have to remove them. Simply charge the board and it’ll charge the lights too! When your board has power so does your lights.  They’re super bright too at a combined 600 lumens!

Ease of use

When you apply the regenerative brake via the Boosted Remote, the rear smart brake light will brighten. Alerting those behind you that you are about to stop or slowing down. Safety is a huge priority for Boosted and these lights certainly help. They’ve gone above and beyond making your Boosted experience that much more enjoyable!

Simply turn on the lights with two quick taps on your remote’s multi-button and you will have light! Two more quick taps and they’ll turn off. You can even set them to turn on automatically via the settings within the Boosted app! Riders can customize their settings, including brightness, blinking mode, and automatic turn on, based on their individual preferences.

The Boosted Beams are also very durable and are built with strong anodized aluminum. Which has been tested with vigour at the Boosted HQ. Designed to mimic real life conditions too. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge they’ll handle whatever you dish out.

Boosted Beams are $199.00 and can be bought here!

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