Twitch Radio

The streaming powerhouse Twitch, mainly used to stream esports, is going old school, in a new school kinda way. They are partnering with, parent Entercom for interactive livestreams of sports radio stations. All around Major cities in the US!

This was first reported by Variety and will see sports stations stream on Twitch in the following locations:

  • Boston (WEEI in Boston)
  • New York (WFAN 101.9 FM/660 AM)
  • Dallas (105.3 The Fan),
  • Chicago (670 The Score),
  • Atlanta (92.9 The Game), and
  • Detroit (97.1 The Ticket)

They’ll each have their own dedicated branded channels on Twitch too. VP David Rosenbloom said that the partnership would introduce sports broadcasting to a ‘new generation of fans’

Twitch is more than just games

Twitch isn’t just a gaming platform anymore, with the streaming giant expanding it’s content offerings on the platform. So it now includes other entertainment as well. Director of New Verticals at Twitch Jane Weedon said in a statement that Twitch has seen a growing community of sports fans on the platform.

“Twitch is the place where people come to connect and engage over their shared interests, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of people more passionate than sports fans,”

“With the addition of sports radio, on-air talent and fans will be able to interact and discuss their favourite athletes, teams and leagues with one another in real time.” Jane Weedon

Weedon added that the users will be able to join in the conversation with Twitch’s Chat feature, much like the long cherished call in format of talk radio stations.

This deal arrives at a time in an uncertain time for sports as COVID pummels sports industries all over the world. With sports stadiums remaining a no-go area for the time being. Radio still has plenty of opportunities to keep fans connected to the teams they love including analysis and interviews.


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Social Distancing Dancing: The Social Dis-Dancing

Social Distancing Dancing – Which dance routines are the most difficult to learn?

Much of the UK is still in lockdown, with indoor gyms and leisure centres are remaining closed for now. So, many people have found new ways to get and stay active. One of these ways is with dancing. Iconic dance routines have been unearthed and replicated over and over on social media. Viral challenges have sprung up on Tik Tok. So, whether it’s to keep fit, to get likes or to get views. Dancing has become one of the most popular internet crazes of 2020. Leading to many of us heading to the various apps on mobiles available to us to check out the latest challenges and dance routines. Social Distancing Dancing!


USwitch have crunched the numbers on the top 10 most popular routines at the minute. Allowing you to get involved and work your way through the various difficulties of the difference dances. Ranging from beginner to expert. Allowing you to get fit and active whilst doing it.

USwitch have taken the top 5 most iconic dance routines and the most popular TikTok dance challenges. With the help of expert dancers, Jane White, Dance Course Leader and Senior Lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth and dance teacher to the stars, Andrea Rose, USwitch rated them on a difficulty scale of 1-10, with one being the easiest to learn.

Furthermore two experts rated each dance independently with average ratings taken from both. Which focus on length of routine, the amount of moves and difficulty of transitions. Calories burned was also worked in each routine, with the experts predicting how long the routine would take to master, using a calorie counting formula to work out a figure. The full research can be found below:

Social Distancing Health Benefits

So, in just 5 minutes, TikTokers can be raking in the likes after mastering the ‘Out West’ challenge. Though those that want to go the whole hog and make use of the time that we have on lockdown. MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ routine could be the antidote to life without a gym. Why? As you can burn a huge 35,269 kcal in the process of learning the routine. Which is the equivalent of the average person running for more than 54 hours on the treadmill or cycling for 137 hours!

More than just likes, dancing has a lot of other wider benefits. Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Author Stuart Robert explains:

“Dancing is one of those rare forms of exercise that ticks all the boxes. As well as improving cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, joint mobility, coordination and balance it’s also something you can do at any time of your life. 

“Most types of dancing are low impact which minimises the risk of injury. And by putting less pressure on the joints it’s great for older people. It’s also a great form of exercise for improving motor fitness. This is your body’s ability to transmit impulses from your nervous tissue (nerve cells called motor neurons) to your muscular tissue. Improving the efficiency of these nerve cells can help to:

  • Increase agility

  • Improve balance

  • Enhance coordination

  • Increase muscular power

  • Improve speed of movement

  • Enhance reaction time

“As well as the many physical benefits, dancing has a host benefits for mental health. Learning a new dance routine and then perfecting it provides a great challenge and focuses our attention. Concentrating on learning the steps enables us to switch off from our day to day concerns and forget about the news headlines for a while. Our brains have the ability to learn and grow, even as we age, making new neural connections. This ‘neural/brain plasticity’ can help to maintain and build cognitive skills such as memory and spatial recognition. 

“Dancing can also make us feel happier by boosting our mood and has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. The physical exercise releases mood enhancing endorphins and the feel-good hormone serotonin, whilst reducing stress hormones such as cortisol.  Another great benefit is that dancing provides us with a challenge.”

Rehan Ali, mobiles expert at commented on the research: 

“If you are looking to take on one of these viral challenges and then share it with the world, you are going to need the right equipment. Ensure you have lots of space to practice. You might want this to be somewhere private for the outtakes! You’re going to need a handset that can record quality video, with a big display in order to analyse the dances you are trying to replicate. If you already have the phone, you might need to ensure you have the ability to stream these videos over and over again while you learn the moves, so ensure that you have a data package that can handle the demand! Good luck!”


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CLCKR Smartphone Stand

We’ve been testing the CLCKR phone stand and it is really really good! It has made using our phone even easier, why? Well for us we’re people who love to consume content on the go, as well as at home. The CLCKR grip helps with this. As it provides a firmer and safer use of our smartphone. Not only that it looks really good too and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the device.

It can be used on any device thanks to the 3M adhesive. While if you decide for whatever reason (we don’t know why you would!) want to take it off, it won’t leave any residue behind!

With CLCKR you can use it to;

  • Position your phone in portrait or landscape mode to video call with friends or family
  • Hold your phone comfortably and take brilliant selfies
  • Utilise the secure grip to make calls or use your phone on-the-go
  • Stand your phone up and use it as a second screen while working
  • Binge-watch your favourite films or TV shows hands-free 


Now, there’s a Rainbow version!

The Rainbow version of the Universal CLCKR has been designed to show care and gratitude to our care workers and NHS workers. The rainbow is now a recognised symbol of support for those fulfilling care and key roles during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore the rainbow symbol also has traditional associations with hope and peace. The Rainbow version is limited edition and is the perfect way to show support.

“Like everyone else, we’ve been moved by the important work carried out by frontline workers during this time to keep us safe. The show of support for them at our doorsteps, on our balconies and out of windows has been a highlight of our weeks in lockdown. At CLCKR, we wanted to do our bit to help and we look forward to contributing all UK profits from online sales of the Rainbow CLCKR to the COVID-19 fundraising appeal by NHS Charities Together.”  Phil Mulholland, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director, CLCKR

The Rainbow CLCKR stand and grip is available to pre-order now, priced at £12.99, with all UK profits going to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

Case Version

Want to use the CLCKR without attaching it to your phone? Don’t Fret as there’s a case version of the CLCKR! Simply attach the case to your phone and you’re away! No need to stick or attach anything to the back of your phone!

Purchase the CLCKR case by clicking here!

Purchase the original CLCKR by clicking here!

To purchase the Rainbow Version of CLCKR please click here! 

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Amazon making HOW MUCH?!

Many ad companies and traditional media owners are braced for tough times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies marketing spends have been brought to a halt. However , Amazon’s ad business has emerged as a somewhat of a bright spot. For the tech giants financia update for Q1. This is despite belt tightening in from brands in other areas.

Amazon Ad Revenues

Amazon disclosed on the 30th April that it’s companies revenues from it’s advertising arm had seen a gain of over 44% over the past 3 months to reach $3.9BN! However Amazon doesn’t break out it’s ad revenue figures , chief fiancial officer Brian Olsavsky told investors that the Q1 ad growth rate was in line with previous results of Q4 2019. It grew at a 40% clip.

This trajectory outstripped the growth of its more established offerings such as online sales 24%, subscription services 28% and Amazon Web Services 33%.

Overall, Amazon’s total earnings for the first 3 months of 2020 showed that the pandemic has actually helped Amazon make money. It pulled in a total of $33M an hour. Between January and March revenues were $75.4BN

Amazon’s Q1 profit was $2.5bn down from $3.6bn onthe same period last year. Jeff Bezos cautioned that this would dip further in light of the Covid-19 related spend.

Amazon Calming down….

Bezos has cautioned that despite the company earning a lot of money. Shareholders should ‘take a seat’ as they planned to spend $4bn or more in the next 3 months on coronavirus related expenses. Such as keeping employees safe and getting products to customers.

“This includes investments in personal protective equipment (PPE), enhanced cleaning of our facilities, less efficient process paths that better allow for effective social distancing, higher wages for hourly teams, and hundreds of millions to develop our own Covid-19 testing capabilities,” Jeff Bezos


The $4bn spend will equal to Amazon’s entire profit for Q2 which caused Amazon’s shares to plummet immediately after. Amazon’s director of investor relations, Dave Files said that it had seen some impact from advertisers belt tightening.

“In March, [we saw] some pullback from advertisers and some downward pressure on price, but how but advertising continues to advertise at a high cliff,” he said.

“It wasn’t as noticeable maybe as with what some others are seeing, and it’s probably offset a bit by the continued strong traffic we have to the site. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag. We have again, as I said, downward pressure a bit on pricing.

Files also noted that a “large portion” of the firm’s advertising related to Amazon sales, “not [to] things like travel and auto”. Those sectors however,  have been impacted by coronavirus pandemic.

“Our advertising will prove to be very efficient as well,” he assured investors. “And it can be directly measured. So even as people are cutting back perhaps on advertising, or are their costs, I think this will be one area that will prove its value. It has in the past.”

Amazon’s positive outcome from the pandemic comes as platform and media owners look for ways to help limit the impact that coronavirus has on their business and ad revenues.

(The Drum)

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Sky Pollution is no more??

Episode 361 Seann Walsh

Netflix vs Disney

Netflix’s share price rose just a tad last week to make the 22year old company more valuable than Disney. While Disney has been around for almost a century. At it’s peak, Netflix’s market cap was close to touching $200BN! (data from Koyfin). Netflix Vs Disney is on!

However, those share prices have reversed slightly to see Disney retake it’s crown. Though, considering towards the end of 2019, Disney was worth almost 2x as much as Netflix. So it’s very surprising to see a shift in fortunes in a short space of time.

You could argue that it’s the coronavirus being the reason for this. Netflix recently announced that it had gained a massive 16M new subscribers over the last quarter. While Disney have had to close it’s parks and furlough thousands of workers. Even have had to push back film releases. Disney+ however seems to be doing well, even though it represents a tiny portion of Disney’s revenue’s and profits.

Netflix may come back on top, but that could all come down to how long lockdown is. Though, other platforms such as Quibi may want to take a piece of the pie….


Launching a brand new streaming platform whilst everyone is at home during a global pandemic may be a good thing. However, for Quibi, a content provider designed for people on the go, who want a 10 minute episode whilst on the commute, it may be different.

Quibi is short for “Quick Bites” and they raised $2BN from investors before even having a single user. Therefore making it one of the msot funded startups pre-launch of all time. They’re trying to break the mold and be different, original and unique. The ability to watch your phone in landscape or portrait certainly highlights that as the content will dynamically adjust depending on how you watch.

Global Stats

Based on data from JustWatch, for 66 countries Netflix is the market leader in 61 of them. While Prime Video has the lead in Germany, Austria and India. Furthermore BluTV is leading in Turkey and iQiyi in China. (Note Netflix is unavailable in China)


Netflix vs Disney – Quibi Enters the fold

Quibi debuted at number 4 in the app store. But has since plummeted to outside the top 100.

Their socials aren’t great either 190K on Instagram is great, but there’s an account about an egg that has 6.7M and charts get 196K. So considering the funding, you’d expect more followers.

However, there is some good news. The apps ratings are great! More than half of the 2500 ratings are 5 stars and there’s little 1 star ratings.

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Coronavirus Conversation

Coronavirus Conversation

We’re in lockdown, not just in UK, but all over the world. Old conversation habits die hard, such as ‘what did you get up to last night’. There’s not many different things you can do whilst in lockdown. So our friends over at Stylist have devised a new way of spicing up our answers to questions. Here’s some Coronavirus conversation to help spice things up!

Stylist have come up with some really funny ways to respond when someone asks what you got up to last night. They make you sound like you did really exciting things. When in reality they’re quite mundane:



Say: “I partook in an al fresco wine tasting. It was glorious. I particularly enjoyed the bergamot top notes in the chardonnay.”


Say: “I watched an innovative and divisive documentary exploring the complex relationship between man and beast. It threw up some interesting philosophical dilemmas, actually.”


Say: “I indulged in my evening constitutional.”


Say: “Some close acquaintances and I met face-to-face using a cloud-based video conferencing service, whereupon we discussed all manner of things.”


Take a leaf out of Jane Austen’s book and say: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!”


Say: “I visited the world’s largest image gallery and perused the many exhibits on display, in order to gather inspiration for the interior design of my future home, outfits I will wear once I can go outside again, and cakes I will bake once I can actually buy flour and eggs.”


Say: “I struggled in vain to curb my innermost desires, but alas! I am only human, and some temptations cannot be resisted.”


Say: “I used an innovative software system to test my mental and physical reflexes, not to mention my decision-making.”


Say: “I embarked on an intrepid mission outdoors, in a bid to replenish our supplies and see us through this infernal quarantine.”


Say: “Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries, and last night saw me transcend all boundaries as I whipped up a culinary storm in my kitchen.”


Say: “I did my best to exert myself with the help of an old friend. One always feels better when the blood starts pumping, doesn’t one?”


Say: “I shed my clothes, until I was as naked as the day I was born, and stepped under a stream of gushing water. It cleansed me, body and soul, and left me feeling utterly invigorated.”


Make like Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly and say: “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.  And so I sacrificed my disposable income in a bid to give the economy a boost.”


Say: “I hunkered down for the night far from my creature comforts, with nary a duvet or pillow in sight.”



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Episode 356 Russell Kane

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

At a time where vaccinations are a hot topic right now and on everyone’s lips. Coronavirus vaccine is a way off, but it brings us to think about vaccination’s in general and how important they are to everyone’s livelihood.

To most of us getting a vaccination is just a natural way of life and a way of protecting ourselves against the many different diseases out there. However, in America, vaccination’s are a controversial topic, with many parent’s opting to not have their children vaccinated.

So when an outbreak of measles infected a small town in America, one parent who decided against getting their child a vaccination. Was worried about their child getting sick and asked her community how best to protect her child from measles. Well….you can guess the response.

Take a look at the gallery below for the full response on how people reacted to her not getting a vaccine for her child:

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