OAP’s need lovin’ too!

Valentien’s Day 2020 has been and gone, but did you ever think about intimacy for the older generation of Britain? The over 60’s. According to a recent study, the over 60’s, the OAP’s, due to health problems are often left frustrated.

There’s a list of problems that prevent some OAP’s making love. Such as Trouble with joints (17%), being too tired (22%) and erectile dysfunction (22%). This according to a survey of 2,000 over-55s conducted for health supplement company FutureYou Cambridge.

3/4 if those surveyed said that their love lives can also be affected by age related issues. Such as creaky knees and arthritis. While 2/3 of people heading towards retirement say that they’re still sexually active now and then but aren’t able to get jiggy with it as much as they want to.

While the study of over 1,000 people over 55 with arthritis, also found that 1/4 of Britains 10M arthritis sufferers said they too have less sex than they used to.

Furthermore over half (57%) of OAP’s say they exercise less, 54% say that it affects their sleep and over a quarter (28%) socialise less. Nearly half (46%) say that it has a negative impact on relationships and 26% are having less sex.

Taking action

Sex therapist Kate Taylor says:

“Intimacy is really important. Regular sex gives your physical health a giant boost. Regular lovemaking lowers stress, strengthens your immune system, builds muscle strength, and has even been shown to improve memory!”

The survey discovered that 20% were seeking medication.

According to the research by FutureYoU Cambridge, 12% avoid taking medication. Such as painkillers as they’re afraid of the side effects and addiction. Furthermore nearly half say they look to avoid taking over the counter pain relief. 27% of those surveyed say they have not found medication that works for them.

47% of OAP’s are open to trying other remedies such as food based or herbal based remedies. While 23% have considered using tumeric. Despite significant research demonstrating evidence of its anti-inflammatory properties.

What is tumeric?

Whilst Turmeric is fantastic it is just one of a number of great natural pain relievers.

Turmeric is a plant that has been used for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine. It’s known to contain a powerful active ingredient, of curcumin. Which has many anti-inflammatory properties. 

Inflammation is one of the symptoms of arthritis. FutureYou Cambridge have patented and created a supplement. It’s called Tumeric+. Tumeric+ is 30x more absorbable than standard tumeric. Due to the curcumin being combined with soy lecithin and also incorporates other micronutrients ingredients.

Pain expert Dr Nicholas Shenker, consultant rheumatologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, said:

“Curcumin is poorly absorbed in the gut. FutureYou Turmeric+ combines curcumin with lecithin to prevent it being destroyed in the stomach. This allows it to be absorbed and distributed around the body and could help those suffering with arthritis.’

For more information on the health benefits of turmeric, click here!

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Valentine’s Day Woes

So it seems like us Brits are falling out of love with Valentine’s Day. We’re apparently sick of cliches and cheesy PDA’s. Also the pressure to make expensive soppy gestures is putting us all off. This, according to leading dating app, Happn.

Their research has found that 7/10 Brits claim that Valentine’s day is a waste of money. While 4/10 say it’s an excuse so card companies can make money.

1/3 say the cost of February 14th is a turn off, while 28% say it’s the social pressure to be romantic on the 14th is a turn off. Furthermore others (23%) didn’t like people bragging on social media about their partner showering them with gifts and pampering. 18% of those surveyed didn’t like cheesy marriage proposals, 17% didn’t enjoy “couples only” deals in bars and restaurants, 15% disliked PDA’s and 12% hated the added pressure from their partner to be romantic.

It’s a love–hate relationship

However, despite all this 66% of men in relationships and 61% of women enjoy celebrating their relationship on Valentine’s Day. 31% of men like being felt loved and feeling romantic. Whilst 23% of women felt the same. Yet 27% of men only celebrate to avoid upsetting their partner.

Guys splash the cash and say they need romance too

30% of men and 35% of women think it should be equal responsibility to create the romance and cover the cost. Yet according to the study from Happn, men typically spend twice as much, £115 compared to £64

Furthermore women are more likely than men to consider Valentine’s as a rip off, 48% compared to 38%. While 11% of men surveyed said they’d love to receive flowers. While 69% of women said they’d never consider giving them.

Despite all this, both men and women are more or less indifferent when veoting gifting things for the 14th February. As 39% of those surveyed said they don’t want to receive anything. Other things men and women agree on is that 19% of those surveyed said the perfect way to celebrate is dinner and drinks.

Seeing through the “showmances”

23% of men plan to post about their Valentine’s gift on socials compared to 13% of women. Despire 23% of Brits believing social posts are all for show.

Shy singletons keep their crushes under wraps

Singleton’s tend to treat Valentine’s as another day as only 13% are planning to send their crush a card, 8% flowers, and 68% are planning to do nothing at all. Whilst men are more likely than women to brave a first date on Valentine’s Day. (43% vs 28%)

New romantics under pressure

While those in a brand new relationship claim that Valentine’s puts pressure on the relationship. 35% of those seeing someone for less than 6 months claim there’s added pressure. Yet we are more likely to splash out in the early days of a relationship, 43% of those who are in one for less than a year say that they plan to spend £101+ on a new partner. Whilst compared to the average of £63 on those who’ve been together for more than a decade.

“While the study might make gloomy reading for die-hard romantics, the numbers do suggest that love is important 365 days of the year and people don’t want the excuse or pressure to show their feelings on one single day in the calendar.  Societal pressure can leave singletons feeling less self-worth, which is adding to this Valentine’s Day backlash.  This year, forget the hearts and flowers, and whether you’re with a partner or a hopeful romantic, don’t forget to look after the most important love of your life – yourself.” Head of Trends at happn, Marine Ravinet

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