Astronaut in Space

How to Drink Coffee in Space

NASA astronaut sucks on balls to get his caffeine fix.

It is crucial to stay awake when on a mission in space, so drinking coffee is no brainer, except when you can’t actually drink it as you’re in zero gravity.

Air Force Colonel and ISS (international space station) crew member Jack Fischer came up with a genius idea to turn his coffee into balls, which can be dehydrated and easily transported. Now, whenever he needs a pick-me-up, he just sucks on some balls.

Internet Lemonade!

Researchers have found an ingenious way to send the taste of lemonade through the internet! It looks like lemonade too! The researchers first used sensors to get the characteristics of lemonade which was then sent to a smart tumbler of water where LEDs replicated colour. Electrodes in the tumblr then reproduced the sourness by stimulating a users (drinkers?) tastebuds.

Whilst it isn’t really sending lemonade through the internet as testers have said that the taste wasn’t as sour as the real thing it goes a long way to sending drinks across the web. Researchers have even said that they’re working on developing a cock tail that would even mimic the smell of a drink.


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