Game Of Thrones leads Tv shows Brits want back!

Game of Thrones seems to be the one show that everyone wants to come back on our screens! Ever since the cast of Friends announced they were no longer on a break. The media has been abuzz with TV Reunion news. Every popular TV show wants a slice of the reunion pie. With the cast of Desperate Housewives, to Parks and Recreation Quarantine special, everyone is getting in on the act!

OnBuy have investigated which popular boxsets are the most in demand! With OnBuy revealing that Brits are most interested in Game of Thrones returning to the small screen! 34,990 people a month Google if the show is making a comeback or if there is a new series on the way!

In fact, Game of Thrones, just eclipses the Tv Reunion phenomenon that is the Friends special.

Friends and others

Friends has been enjoying a renaissance ever since the announcement of a Friends special. 33,150 people on average a month Google to find out more about the reunion or a new series. Proving the Friends TV reunion could be “The One Where” the whole world watches!

Furthermore, the surprise Gavin and Stacey Christmas special which aired last year, reignited our love affair with the sitcom. To find out “what’s occurring” in regard to another reunion of possible new series. A total of 8,510 people on average Google the show.

While OnBuy’s research reveals that there is less buzz about a TV reunuin for The OC (180 monthly searches), The X-Files (150 monthly searches), The West Wing (150 monthly searches), 30 Rock (130 monthly searches) and Cheers (50 monthly searches).

The results in full can be seen below:

TV Series Avg. Monthly Search Volume
Game of Thrones 34,990
Friends 33,150
Gavin and Stacey 8,510
Breaking Bad 4,700
Gossip Girl 3,980
Modern Family 2,530
Orange is the New Black 2,330
Gilmore Girls 1,730
Lost 1,720
Seinfeld 1,660
Frasier 1,330
One Tree Hill 940
House of Cards 920
ER 700
Twin Peaks 670
The Office 650
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 620
Little Britain 560
M*A*S*H 450
Veep 450
Parks and Recreation 440
The Big Bang Theory 420
The Wire 370
Mad Men 360
The Sopranos 330
Desperate Housewives 290
The OC 180
The X-Files 150
The West Wing 150
30 Rock 130
Cheers 50


OnBuy analysed Google search volumes using the keyword analytics section of online visibility and marketing tool SEM Rush. For each of the 30 TV shows analysed, a variety of keywords were taken into consideration – such as the show title followed by “reunion”, “new series” and “new season” – to maximise results!


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Luxury Tunes

When you’re looking at luxury cars, sure you could get sucked into engine size, handling and performance. The interior styling is definitely worth some consideration and types of headlights count for something, but when you spend hours on the road, what you really need to know is how the in-car infotainment system stacks up.


In this blog, for people looking for that next luxury car purchase, we take a look at five infotainment systems and what they offer you for your money:




This so-called “virtual cockpit” is definitely up there when it comes to enhancing your driving experience. Featuring controls that translate to either steering wheel or the mounted interface, the Audi’s system is easy to access while you’re driving.


You’ll also benefit from Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and functions that allow you to limit interaction from teen drivers and impressive voice control.




With a long standing reputation for affordable luxury, the BMW’s infotainment system matches its impressive track record.


Easily integrated with your smartphone and smartwatch, the BMW system also connects to Amazon Echo and offers wireless smartphone charging.


You’ll find a few minor differences between the 5 and 7 series models but the concept remains the same and is a solid option both for entertainment and navigation.




At the top end of the range we have the Jaguar. With its famed design and performance power, the Jaguar doesn’t scrimp on the tech side either. The InControl Touch interface offers drivers customisable voice controls, talk-to-text functions, Spotify and Stitcher streaming Apps.


Naturally, you’ll be able to sync it to all your smart devices, which makes the New Jaguar F-Type well worth a look at.


Alfa Romeo


The more basic of these options, the interface still offers three USB ports with all controls featured on the central console.


A larger screen option is available in some models.


Land Rover


If you’re a fan of these luxury SUVs then you’ll be pleased with the options the Land Rover’s infotainment system offers you. In fact, this one needs no further explanation except to say that Land Rover and Jaguar share their interfaces, so you’ll find the same model in the Land Rover and Land Rover Sport as you would in many Jaguar saloon models.


It’s a great piece of technology and it’s no wonder these two giants have opted to install it in their vehicles.


We know that a great system isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to choosing your luxury car, but it is important. You’re looking for smart integration between your smartphone or watch and your car. For so many people, the car is an extension of the office so having access to your contacts by voice control is essential when you take those calls on the road.


If you’re willing to spend out on a luxury vehicle then don’t compromise on your tech. Find a vehicle that gives you the best of all worlds, with powerful performance, sleek curves and technology to match.


The Best Devices for Streaming TV

The Best Devices for Streaming TV

The Best Devices for Streaming TV

The Best Devices for Streaming TV

Streaming music, films and TV programs is the most popular way to view anything. High Street stores that sell CD’s and DVD’s are disappearing as streaming overtakes buying the physical items. There is more than one reason for this including the fact that they are cheaper to buy and instant, no matter what time of day or night you want to watch them. You can even stream things from other countries, although you may sometimes have to use a VPN to achieve this.

Just as an example, Netflix, which is one of the largest streaming platforms, has a library for each country. If you are a member of Netflix UK and want to watch something from Netflix US, you would need a VPN to fool Netflix into thinking that is where you are located.  Whatever platforms you are watching, what can be more important is the device you are using. Like with everything in this life, there are some that are better than others.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – Voted Best Overall

It seems that the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is rated the best by the experts and by consumers who buy more of this item than any of the other streaming devices. It lets you view more than 500.000 movies, TV shows from the likes of Netflix, Hulu and HBO, watch live TV, stream music and access sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

It also features Amazon Alexa, which is capable of many things including helping you to choose what to view. Team this with a good laptop and you can stream good quality programs, films and music wherever you are. Laptops such as Lenovo ones, which are durable and reliable, are great for this purpose, but it could be that you have never owned this sort of device before. Then you may want some expert advice on laptop buying, and this is available online. Do your homework and you won’t be disappointed.

As well as streaming, owning a laptop means that you can play games, shop, handle banking transactions and do many other things while on the move.

Chromecast Ultra – Best For Smartphones

If you are looking for the best way to stream things on your smartphone, the Chromecast Ultra could be for you. It offers streaming in HD and HDR as well as 4K Ultra. It plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and will then work with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Among the things you can watch or listen to are more than 30 million songs, 200.00 movies and TV programs, sports, radio games and more. Chromecast users can also put websites or their smartphone screen onto their TV.

Netflix Remote

Netflix Remote

Roku Ultra – Most User-Friendly

This is a great choice for streaming fans looking for lots of features. The very user-friendly menu is easy to navigate. Just speak the name of a film, TV program, actor or director into the controller mobile app and it will search them out for you. It has a night mode that will tone down loud noises such as explosions, so that you can watch late at night without disturbing the rest of the household.

The Ultra supports both 4K and HD streaming and with ones of the largest selections of things to watch, it has to be well worth considering.

Apple TV 4 – Best Apple Streaming

Although not the cheapest, Apple TV 4 does have the polished interface that you would expect from an Apple product. It has voice search with Siri and an excellent selection of films, shows, music and anything else you want to view. What will put some people off buying this item is that you have to be part of the Apple ecosystem for it to work at its best.

A notable omission is Google play, but that should not really be a surprise with the Apple versus Android war.

TiVO Bolt OTA With Antenna

This device has been developed for consumers who do not have connects via cables to their TV. It is wireless with antenna so that you do not miss out in all the free programmes from the normal TV channels. It has a memory of 1YB that will let you record up to 150 hours of HD content and can also stream all the services such as Netflix and Hulu.

To benefit the most from this, you have to purchase the box and then pay for the TiVO services, but if you love live sport and network shows, this could be the solution for you. One of its biggest advantages is that you only need one device for everything, although the pricing may deter some people.