The Pendulum

The Pendulum: Incredibly scary hyper reality

This week Marcus has delved into the world of VR once more and this time we’re not sure if he came out of it the same man as he was when he went in. It’s called ‘The Pendulum’ from the guys over at the Vault festival.

The story of ‘The Pendulum’ is as follows. You take on a character that has a secret that can bring down something called the ‘Foundation’. They have a device called The Pendulum which will reveal all of your darkest fears and use them against you.

Can you resist and survive The Pit in which you are placed?

‘The Pendulum’ is described as a hyper-reality experience, it’s one of the first that’s here in the UK. (We’ve tried another one with the Star Wars franchise) The Pendulum blends VR and physical sensations to immerse users in to a world that’s almost like our own. Consequently creating an unnerving interactive horror for one person.

The Pendulum Story

The story is loosely based on an original Edgar Allen Poe story, yet, it takes a lot of it’s inspiration by eighties visceral and psychological horror movies. Kronenberg and Hellraiser are some of the most famous examples that you may be aware of.

The site that The Pendulum is on also immerses you before the story even begins, with creepy environments (we won’t say exactly what, don’t want to give away the secrecy) The story has different endings depending on how you fare once inside, however, you got to make it to the end first.

However, one thing to note that, this game is scary, it’s designed to scare you. We will say that, if you do get too frightened and want the experience to stop, there is a safeword. So take on ‘The Pendulum’ at your own peril!

So, what do you think of the sound of the Pendulum? Have you experienced The Pendulum already? Let us know your thoughts by connecting with us on our social platforms, we’re @howtokillanhour across all of them!

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Star Wars Secrets of The Empire

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: Ultimate Star Wars Experience?

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire from the guys over at The Void, may just be the ultimate Star Wars Experience. It’s a hyper reality experience that takes over all of your senses to transport you into the world of Star Wars!

It’s a full sensory immersive VR/AR experience that takes you inside the action. Literally! It’s location based, so the sets are interactive too, there’s also real time effects that help to heighten your experience. They really go ALL IN, in trying to make your experience as real as possible.

You really have to experience yourself to truly understand what we’re talking about. (It’s THAT GOOD trust us!) Plus we’re really not allowed to delve into too much as the experience is all about discovery! We wouldn’t want to ruin the secret for you either!

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire: How does it work?

Before you go into the hyper reality Star Wars Secrets of the Empire experience you have to put on RIG (Rapture Insertion Gear) this allows you to feel the force of all the things around you via haptic feedback! (It’s so hard not to tell you what you’ll be feeling!) You then put on the VR/AR headset to give you a full 360 degree HD experience of Star Wars. You also get given a blaster (which also has haptic feedback built in)

We won’t say much else but our very own Marcus Bronzy had this to say:

That was one of the most intense virtual reality experiences I have felt, I feel like I have actually been a part of a Star Wars film”

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