Hyperloop Completes First Test

Hyperloop, the futuristic tube travel method thought up by Elon Musk, that would get travellers from London to Edinburgh in 45 mins, has completed it’s first test, paving the way for a fully fledged release of the futuristic tech in the near future, making a vehicle travel at 70mph for 5 seconds using magnetic levitation.

The company has a goal for it’s next speed to be 250mph before aiming for the full speed of 750mph before we presume launching not long after barring safety licenses and being approved by the relevant travel boards. However it is believed that the Hyperloop will be used at first to transport cargo before moving onto people transportation.

Hyperloop also showed off a prototype pod design:


Hyperloop have said that it’s design is safer than passenger jets, has lower build and maintenance costs than high speed trains and it’s energy usage is incredibly low, equivalent to that of a person on a bicycle.

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South Korea Super Train

South Korea could soon have some transportation that moves close to the speed of sound! The Korean Railroad Research Insititute are working on their own hyper-loop esque train that could travel at 621mph or 1,000kph and will be ready in the near future.

The train could move travelers between Seoul and Busan a trip that takes about 50mins by plane or over 5hours on public transport in just half hour, the train can go so fast as there isn’t any friction!

Compared to the Hyperloop which travels at speeds up to 800mph (1,300km/h) this train has a bit of work to do to catch up. However it seems the South Korean train could be ready before the Hyperloop, so it remains to be seen which one is better!

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Hyperloop Hype!




Want to get sucked into oblivion?!

Well remember those vacuum tube networks that businesses used to use to send papers across large buildings? Hyperloop is basically that, but big enough to shoot people cross-country at amazing speeds.

First, the tube is six feet wide, and is maintained as a low-pressure environment, to prevent the passenger pod from touching the tube, it’ll float slightly above it, either on a cushion of air or using magnetic levitation.

Because it doesn’t have to deal with as much air resistance, Hyperloop is expected to hit 750MPH, more than twice as fast as the Central Japan Railway’s record-breaking 366MPH speed run.