We recently chatted with Kelly Vero of SO REAL a company who have the fastest 3D Model tech tool in the business. They produce some awesome content. Content that is built at cinematic quality and game/VR ready assets which can be usde in games film and all XR!

They do this by using their patent pending scanning and conversion tech, the SO REAL tech then automates the productionof digital twins of 3D real life objects. It’s so incredibly cool, you really cannot tell which is real and which is computer generated. Check out the image at the bottom of this article for an example.

The SO REAL tech also does a whole host of things such as:

  • Game- / XR-Ready Guarantee
  • Cinematic Quality
  • Huge, Growing Portfolio
  • Physics Parameters
  • Cool Features. Such as: Built-in Physics Parameters, X-Ray Vision Mode and Shatter Effect


Immersion > Empathy > Understanding > Peace & Commerce

The guys over at SO REAL are all about making the world smaller. They want to allow you to immerse yourself in the content you engage with. If you want to understand or learn another language or culture, what better way to immerse yourself in it. (Other than flying to another country to experience a new culture first hand)

Well immersion helps with a few things other than making your carbon footprint smaller:

  • Immersive experiences are the next best thing.
  • Immersion leads to empathy.
  • Empathy leads to understanding.
  • Understanding leads to peace.

Their Mission Statement

By mass-producing cinematic-quality, XR- / game-ready 3D objects, we enable global access to immersive experiences and thus accelerate the journey to global understanding.

They believe that by making the world smaller and immersing individually you are able to emerge together as one. Aritsts and business people are the true ambassadors of the world and by immersing your content with SO REAL it would help with understanding others more. Therefore as SO REAL state that if it doesn’t WOW you, it’s not complete. You have to BUSHIDO, which is samurai code for commit and deliver, walk the talk! Collaborate with others and find a way to complete the task at hand. Plus humour. Having fun and laughing accelerates the speed of adoption of anything new that you are learning!

Check out what they promise to both their customers and their investors:

The SO REAL Promise (USP) for customers

Each SO REAL object:

  1. is game- / xR-ready.
  2. is of cinematic quality, (but we can make them more cartoony if you’d like).
  3. has astonishingly precise topology.
  4. has the physics parameters already built in.
  5. has optional cool features not available anywhere else:
    • Superman X-Ray Vision Mode built in. (Yes, you can look inside the objects!)
    • Shatter Effect. (precalculated shatter points and shards)

SO REAL’s proprietary automation technology reduces production time of 3D objects by orders of magnitude. As we can produce 100’s of new objects per week, we deliver you never-ending VARIETY.



SO REAL has 2 stages of multipliers.

STAGE 1, the rocket booster:
With very little effort, we create 1000’s of objects each of which can be sold 1000’s of times.

STAGE 2, the afterburner:
After a few years, the SO REAL automation tool will be a robust, stable product of its own. By licensing it to 3rd parties, 1000’s of 3D artists can also create 100’s or even 1000’s of 3D objects per year, each of which can be sold (by SO REAL) 1000’s of times.


An example of their work is below, can YOU tell the difference?

Above all we think that SO REAL are doing some fantastic work and we cannot wait to see what they come up with over the next few years. It’s an incredible piece of tech that we LOVE!

Check them out here

Listen to our interview with Kelly Vero here

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Oculus Gloves

Oculus Gloves: Immersion crazy!

Oculus Rift are looking to make VR a lot more immersive and we cannot wait! If their latest patents come to fruition that is. Oculus Rift are said to be working on a set of Oculus Gloves that provide haptic feedback, throwing a user into a world of immersion never seen before!

Oculus Gloves: How they work

The patents describe “tendons” within the gloves that mimic and simulate the sense of a realistic touch. All within the virtual world, so they’d tense and relax based on what your doing. Such as picking up a glass of water, or opening a door. While this sounds super cool, it won’t be the same as holding something in your hand though. As your fingers and hands are able to sense that your holding something through pressure in your fingers. Yet these designs from Oculus work in a different way. They work opposite, in the sense that the tendons will run along the back of your hand. Using the haptic feeback to offer resistance to your own movements.  Thus mimicking that your touching an object. So not the same, but pretty darn close!

The Oculus gloves are described by the guys over at Digital Trends as having string tied to the backs of your hands. Pulling at you and making the action of clenching your fists a little bit different. Yet in real life, you’d see the effect with your own eyes. Therefore if you’re in a VR world, the input in your eyes you’d experience the action of pulling differently. Your brain would be tricked into believing that your holding the object.

Patents don’t always mean that the product will come to fruition. But it is quite cool to imagine how this would be implemented! Imagine Call Of Duty picking up a gun or Forza, holding a steering wheel whilst racing around Imola. How cool does that sound! What’s even more impressive is that Tesla want to take this one step further and make full body suits!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

Avegant Glyph

This week we tried out the amazing Avegant Glyph that allows you to watch your favorite movies, play your favourite games by mimicking natural eyesight through LED projection onto millions of microscopic mirrors using Avegant’s Patented Retinal Imaging Technology. But you aren’t shut off from your surroundings! Watch the video for more information and check below to buy your own and to listen to the guys thoughts on the Avegant Glyph!

To buy your own Avegant Glyph please click here!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

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