ABQ London

ABQ London: Make your own drinks!

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad you’ll definitely be a fan of ABQ London! An immersive bar in East London that shares some imagery from Breaking Bad. It’s not based on Breaking Bad, but it will remind you of it!

What is ABQ London?

ABQ is described as the world’s first ‘immersive molecular cocktail bar’ – Attendee’s are there to make and infuse your own drinks inside a Motorhome. All the while listening to some hip hop and gangster rap. They started up in 2015 and you’ll be working various different molecular techniques to cook and make your own cocktails. Then of course you can drink up! Plus there’s alcoholic options available for those that wish to.


See below for prices from their site:


£32.50 gets you 2 hours in the RV which includes cooking/infusing of 2 cocktails! + a welcome drink (3  molecular drinks in total with)

Attend the ABQ Bar in London by clicking here!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

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