The Boys

The Boys – Superhero Police

A massive comic book is due to be turned into an even bigger Tv show. Exclusively on Amazon Prime, the comic book, ‘The Boys’ is being made into a live action series. Starring actors such as Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Jennifer Esposito. While, behind the scenes too, the comic book series boasts some heavyweight Hollywood talent. With the creators being credited as Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg.

The comic book ‘The Boys’ is by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and is based on real world likeness of superheroes. What would life be like, if there were superheroes? That question is tackled in a realistic manner, as if people did have super-powers. As a result of those super-powers, even the good guys would do some bad things. This is where “The Boys” come in.

“The Boys” are a group of superhero police who police the superheroes and make sure they’re behaving. Making sure that the superheroes of town, make sure that they tow the line. Furthermore, keeping them on the straight and narrow, making sure that they don’t embrace the darker side of their new found massive celebrity and fame. “The Boys” are a superpower CIA squad, tasked with seeking out the corrupt heroes. (wiki)

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