TAP Wearable Keyboard

TAP Wearable Keyboard

First of all, this is an amazing little device. A device that took us by surprise. TAP Wearable Keyboard looks like something our of Minority Report and yet, is so useful! The TAP Wearable Keyboard from our tests had a very steep learning curve. However, we can see the potential for this device. It feels very natural to use and nothing alien at all. With a lot of patience and practice we can see the wearable keyboard taking off and in use across the world.


However, it’s not just a keyboard it also has a mouse attached to it! Well, it’s your thumb. Which you use to scroll and navigate around your computer by rolling or gliding your thumb across the table, simply tap to click. Again, it will take some getting used to. Some patience and some practice. Yet, it did feel very very natural to us. We can see plenty of uses for the TAP Wearable Keyboard too, for example, the disabled. If they only have use of the hands the TAP Wearable Keyboard may be a lot easier and less painful for them to use than a keyboard and mouse. Or even those who are visually impaired and struggle with seeing keys on a keyboard and cannot touch type! The device is engineered from advanced, biocompatible materials which allow for the free movement and comfort whilst you tap and type.

Moreover, Tap is bluetooth enabled and can be used across a range of devices such as a computer, a laptop, a tablet and many smartphones that have bluetooth built into them. It comes in two sizes and has a micro-size battery which provides 8 hours of use. Recharge it simply by putting it away into the case and plugging in the case to a wall outlet using a USB plug and a Micro USB lead!


Furthermore, what do we love the most about TAP Wearable Keyboard? The fact that you can use it anywhere and on any surface. Tapping becomes texting and swipes become cursor movements. This is revolutionary and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. We already use gestures like it’s second nature on our phones. So why not move to the desktop?


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Ockel Sirius B

Ockel Sirius B – A Tiny Supercomputer!

Computers are getting seriously fast these days. Also they’re getting seriously small! Hence it’s appropriate to be excited about the Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry. We think that this little device is absolutely incredible!

The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry will turn any television or computer monitor into a smart media powerhouse. Access Netflix or listen to your favourite artists with the on board 64gigs of flash storage. Also check out your holiday snaps from a Micro SD card from the expandable storage. Connect to the Wifi and use the USB ports to connect a keyboard and mouse and you have got a fully functioning Windows 10 PC! As the Ockel Sirius B doesn’t have any moving parts and the device itself has a passive heat sink, this little device is as silent as it is cool!

Ockel Sirius B – POWER!

Since this little rocket has 4gb of RAM built in the Ockel Sirius B supports many of the most popular games on the market today, just simply download them off of the Windows 10 game store!

Since the Ockel Sirius B weighs 153 grams is incredibly portable! Be that on the commute or simply to put in a pocket on the way to a business meeting. All that you require is a keyboard, HDMI monitor and mouse and your destination. So no more needing to carry your laptop and AC cord anymore!


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Logitech Keyboard

Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Stand-Alone Keyboard

Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Stand-Alone keyboard is a nifty little gadget. Being waterproof with its FabricSkin cover, wireless via bluetooth and includes iOS and Android shortcuts, this is quite the keyboard!

The Logitech keyboard works with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, Android with 4.1 and higher and also Windows® 7 and higher.

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Penclic KB3 Mini Keyboard

Penclic are proud to present their latest mini keyboard that looks and feels amazing. The whole case is made of metal and the buttons really feel fantastic to type on. They keyboard works for win, ios and android and connects via bluetooth or you can switch to corded connection if you prefer that.

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