Kill A Bit: Facebook’s Lifestage App

Currently only available in the US the Lifestage, a standalone iOS app for people 21 and under, to get school goers get to know each other better within their community, from within their own school and surrounding schools. Having a similar feel to snapchat, users can make their Facebook bio exempt from a wall of text and instead fill your bio with short videos and images based around things that you like. The app asks for various different emojis to add to the things that you like that you have captured with your camera based on whether or not you like them. Putting your life – on a stage!

While anyone can download the app, anyone over the age of 22 will only be able to see their own profile and no-one else’s. While the app is owned and created by Facebook you don’t actually need a Facebook for it to work, just download it, open it up, create an account and select your high school.

You’ll immediately be presented with accounts from people that are nearby, only if you jump through some hoops first. You have got to do some leg work and convince your buddies to download and use it. 20 to be exact. Then and only then will you be able to see others around you.

It’s no surprise that this is similar to how the original Facebook was created – via school to school accounts. Will this be as popular as Facebook/Snapchat. Only time will tell!

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