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Netflix Money

Netflix cost us ALL a lot of money during lockdown!

So we all spent a ridiculous amount of money on Netflix during lockdown. According to research by USwitch Our Netflix binges cost over £2BN in global energy usage. The exact number spent on electricity to power Netflix is £2,120,503,521.30. That’s ALOT of money. The data uses global costs per KWh and average energy consumption to calculate the cost of 2 hours of watching per day. The UK has the second highest cost for a country at £245,873,114.79, behind the USA at £788,546,852.28.

Furthermore it has been discovered that it costs on average £22.20 per person to watch Netflix in the UK per year. However, lockdown may have increased the time we spend watching. This is the 10th highest cost per person in the world! While, Orange Is The New Black is the most expensive show to watch by energy usage, with the UK spending £121,302,434.51 in total to watch all 7 seasons

Netflix Consumption Costs Per Country:

Energy costs per KWh and subscriber numbers differ between countries; the table below shows the top 10 countries by total Netflix cost:

Country # of Subscribers Annual Cost (Country)
1 United States 60,103,000 £788,546,852.28
2 United Kingdom 11,073,894 £245,873,114.79
3 Germany 5,774,730 £192,324,062.18
4 Brazil 9,624,550 £126,273,374.16
5 Spain 4,529,200 £109,703,564.88
6 France 5,661,500 £108,560,819.41
7 Japan 3,707,463 £82,316,615.62
8 Canada 7,133,490 £79,192,260.90
9 Netherlands 3,328,962 £60,474,090.14
10 New Zealand 2,264,600 £45,709,818.70

Cost Per Subscribers

The cost per person is dictated by the cost per KWh of electricity in the country and the total number of Netflix subscribers.

The table below shows the top 10 countries by per-person cost:

Country # of Subscribers Annual Cost (Per Person)
1 Denmark 927,354 £34.31
2 Germany 5,774,730 £33.30
3 Belgium 894,731 £28.26
4 Italy 1,585,220 £27.25
5 Ireland 283,075 £26.24
6 Portugal 248,010 £26.24
7 Spain 4,529,200 £24.22
8 Austria 645,411 £23.21
9 United Kingdom 11,073,894 £22.20
10 Japan 3,707,463 £22.20

Netflix Cost Per Shows

Based on the cost per KWh in each country, the number of viewers of each show** and the length of five of the most watched shows of 2019 in hours, we can see how much each country spent watching each show:

Country Orange is the New Black You Umbrella Academy Dead To Me Stranger Things
United States £389,032,582.88 £25,397,617.34 £16,823,529.36 £6,007,671.06 £23,618,963.97
United Kingdom £121,302,434.51 £7,919,112.56 £5,245,666.19 £1,873,223.88 £7,364,518.95
Germany £94,883,806.14 £6,194,397.86 £4,103,205.15 £1,465,251.81 £5,760,589.98
Brazil £62,297,448.47 £4,067,028.90 £2,694,023.58 £962,034.02 £3,782,205.54
Spain £54,122,670.17 £3,533,346.38 £2,340,509.18 £835,794.26 £3,285,898.03
France £53,558,892.35 £3,496,540.68 £2,316,128.87 £827,088.07 £3,251,669.92
Japan £40,611,214.79 £2,651,264.03 £1,756,212.70 £627,142.38 £2,465,589.93
Canada £39,069,802.53 £2,550,634.41 £1,689,555.06 £603,338.98 £2,372,007.64
Netherlands £29,835,121.93 £1,947,757.19 £1,290,205.68 £460,731.58 £1,811,351.29
New Zealand £22,551,112.57 £1,472,227.66 £975,212.16 £348,247.61 £1,369,124.18
Italy £21,310,801.38 £1,391,255.14 £921,575.49 £329,093.99 £1,293,822.35
Poland £17,874,071.97 £1,166,891.57 £772,955.76 £276,021.98 £1,085,171.48
Sweden £16,664,414.30 £1,087,920.23 £720,644.69 £257,341.73 £1,011,730.68
Denmark £15,698,962.09 £1,024,891.61 £678,894.16 £242,432.65 £953,116.10
Belgium £12,473,748.70 £814,336.67 £539,421.34 £192,627.00 £757,306.80
Switzerland £8,637,078.11 £563,863.32 £373,506.34 £133,378.86 £524,374.68
Finland £8,083,292.75 £527,709.98 £349,558.16 £124,826.98 £490,753.24
Austria £7,391,127.14 £482,522.61 £319,625.78 £114,138.15 £448,730.45
India £7,216,356.02 £471,112.85 £312,067.89 £111,439.23 £438,119.74
Colombia £6,515,020.01 £425,326.80 £281,738.95 £100,608.79 £395,540.19
Ireland £3,664,555.79 £239,236.99 £158,471.98 £56,590.24 £222,482.68
Portugal £3,210,620.80 £209,602.29 £138,841.77 £49,580.30 £194,923.36
Peru £2,697,115.45 £176,078.58 £116,635.48 £41,650.45 £163,747.40
Chile £2,577,028.74 £168,238.84 £111,442.38 £39,796.00 £156,456.69
Turkey £1,982,436.08 £129,421.43 £85,729.51 £30,613.95 £120,357.75
Romania £970,888.83 £63,383.54 £41,985.63 £14,993.04 £58,944.65
South Africa £774,229.80 £50,544.85 £33,481.20 £11,956.11 £47,005.08
Greece £699,477.34 £45,664.70 £30,248.57 £10,801.74 £42,466.70
Argentina £452,150.01 £29,518.18 £19,553.01 £6,982.37 £27,450.95


Speaking of the research, Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch said:

“Lockdown has almost certainly impacted global spend on home energy and people will be thinking more about how the small things they do to use electricity in their home contributes to the bigger picture when it comes to their annual bills.

“Noting that energy costs are so different around the world, we wanted to explore the relative cost of common activities to understand how those differences impact us on a practical level.

“We encourage home energy users to regularly review their energy bills to identify any savings and to compare energy prices annually to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible.”


The global cost of Netflix electricity was calculated by energy market analysts at Uswitch, the comparison and switching service.

The global cost per KWh was taken from the World Energy Council; this was then applied to the energy use requirements of common household items as defined by the Centre of Sustainable Energy.

The cost of powering a television was then applied to the average Netflix consumption of 2 hours per day, which gave a cost per person based on the country’s cost of electricity. This was then multiplied by subscriber numbers per country, as sourced from Netflix, to calculate the total cost per country per year.

Uswitch’s World Powers report is a study of the global cost of energy applied to common household activities to provide a clearer picture of the relative impact of energy cost differences around the world; the full study can be found at

The research from Uswitch comprises data relating to a range of common household activities including charging a laptop, boiling a kettle and topping up an electric vehicle. The full study can be found at

**Netflix doesn’t publish country-specific viewer figures, so USwitch took global viewer figures and multiplied them by the percentage of total subscribers in that country to calculate the number of viewers per country.

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Episode 363 – Romesh Ranganathan

Amazon making HOW MUCH?!

Many ad companies and traditional media owners are braced for tough times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies marketing spends have been brought to a halt. However , Amazon’s ad business has emerged as a somewhat of a bright spot. For the tech giants financia update for Q1. This is despite belt tightening in from brands in other areas.

Amazon Ad Revenues

Amazon disclosed on the 30th April that it’s companies revenues from it’s advertising arm had seen a gain of over 44% over the past 3 months to reach $3.9BN! However Amazon doesn’t break out it’s ad revenue figures , chief fiancial officer Brian Olsavsky told investors that the Q1 ad growth rate was in line with previous results of Q4 2019. It grew at a 40% clip.

This trajectory outstripped the growth of its more established offerings such as online sales 24%, subscription services 28% and Amazon Web Services 33%.

Overall, Amazon’s total earnings for the first 3 months of 2020 showed that the pandemic has actually helped Amazon make money. It pulled in a total of $33M an hour. Between January and March revenues were $75.4BN

Amazon’s Q1 profit was $2.5bn down from $3.6bn onthe same period last year. Jeff Bezos cautioned that this would dip further in light of the Covid-19 related spend.

Amazon Calming down….

Bezos has cautioned that despite the company earning a lot of money. Shareholders should ‘take a seat’ as they planned to spend $4bn or more in the next 3 months on coronavirus related expenses. Such as keeping employees safe and getting products to customers.

“This includes investments in personal protective equipment (PPE), enhanced cleaning of our facilities, less efficient process paths that better allow for effective social distancing, higher wages for hourly teams, and hundreds of millions to develop our own Covid-19 testing capabilities,” Jeff Bezos


The $4bn spend will equal to Amazon’s entire profit for Q2 which caused Amazon’s shares to plummet immediately after. Amazon’s director of investor relations, Dave Files said that it had seen some impact from advertisers belt tightening.

“In March, [we saw] some pullback from advertisers and some downward pressure on price, but how but advertising continues to advertise at a high cliff,” he said.

“It wasn’t as noticeable maybe as with what some others are seeing, and it’s probably offset a bit by the continued strong traffic we have to the site. So it’s a bit of a mixed bag. We have again, as I said, downward pressure a bit on pricing.

Files also noted that a “large portion” of the firm’s advertising related to Amazon sales, “not [to] things like travel and auto”. Those sectors however,  have been impacted by coronavirus pandemic.

“Our advertising will prove to be very efficient as well,” he assured investors. “And it can be directly measured. So even as people are cutting back perhaps on advertising, or are their costs, I think this will be one area that will prove its value. It has in the past.”

Amazon’s positive outcome from the pandemic comes as platform and media owners look for ways to help limit the impact that coronavirus has on their business and ad revenues.

(The Drum)

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Sky Pollution is no more??

Mixcloud Live: Legal Live Streaming For DJ’s

Live Streaming in the DJ world has had a lot of interest over the past few years. While nothing has come close to the demand we’ve seen for live today, during a pandemic. A new reality has set in and there’s been plenty of cancelled events. Therefore creators and institutions are facing an extremely challenging financial future. Mixcloud LIVE is here to help that.

Mixcloud LIVE

So, as a result, Mixcloud have launched Mixcloud LIVE for all of their PRO Creators. Mixcloud LIVE is a first music focused, integrated solution to allow audio creators to live stream video and archive the audio (coming soon). Futhermore they’re able to generate income via SELECT. While this is done via a legal and licensed platform ensuring that underlying artists and songwriters who get played will get paid.

All via a legal and licensed platform ensuring the underlying artists and songwriters who get played, get paid.

Some Bugs

Mixcloud have been working hard to bring a brand new way for creators to express themselves over the last few weeks. All within the best way possible. They’ve built and released Mixcloud LOVE earlier than they’d normally do, so expect some bugs and UI flaws when using it. However, don’t worry as they will iron them out as quickly a possible.

Mixcloud LIVE has been designed to bring an interactive, fun, human experience to both creators and listeners, at a time when the world is socially distant we can feel closer than ever with music.

Start here:

For help setting up, check out this article on how to go live on Mixcloud


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Coronavirus Conversation

Coronavirus Conversation

We’re in lockdown, not just in UK, but all over the world. Old conversation habits die hard, such as ‘what did you get up to last night’. There’s not many different things you can do whilst in lockdown. So our friends over at Stylist have devised a new way of spicing up our answers to questions. Here’s some Coronavirus conversation to help spice things up!

Stylist have come up with some really funny ways to respond when someone asks what you got up to last night. They make you sound like you did really exciting things. When in reality they’re quite mundane:



Say: “I partook in an al fresco wine tasting. It was glorious. I particularly enjoyed the bergamot top notes in the chardonnay.”


Say: “I watched an innovative and divisive documentary exploring the complex relationship between man and beast. It threw up some interesting philosophical dilemmas, actually.”


Say: “I indulged in my evening constitutional.”


Say: “Some close acquaintances and I met face-to-face using a cloud-based video conferencing service, whereupon we discussed all manner of things.”


Take a leaf out of Jane Austen’s book and say: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!”


Say: “I visited the world’s largest image gallery and perused the many exhibits on display, in order to gather inspiration for the interior design of my future home, outfits I will wear once I can go outside again, and cakes I will bake once I can actually buy flour and eggs.”


Say: “I struggled in vain to curb my innermost desires, but alas! I am only human, and some temptations cannot be resisted.”


Say: “I used an innovative software system to test my mental and physical reflexes, not to mention my decision-making.”


Say: “I embarked on an intrepid mission outdoors, in a bid to replenish our supplies and see us through this infernal quarantine.”


Say: “Cooking is an expression that crosses boundaries, and last night saw me transcend all boundaries as I whipped up a culinary storm in my kitchen.”


Say: “I did my best to exert myself with the help of an old friend. One always feels better when the blood starts pumping, doesn’t one?”


Say: “I shed my clothes, until I was as naked as the day I was born, and stepped under a stream of gushing water. It cleansed me, body and soul, and left me feeling utterly invigorated.”


Make like Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly and say: “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.  And so I sacrificed my disposable income in a bid to give the economy a boost.”


Say: “I hunkered down for the night far from my creature comforts, with nary a duvet or pillow in sight.”



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Mobile Gaming Hits $9.7 Million Daily Revenue

Mobile gaming is continuing to grow in popularity. Mobile games are too generating impressive amounts of profit for game developers. GoldenCasinoNews have found the five leading iOS gaming apps in the US hit a whopping $9.7M in daily revenue as of April 2020. Thats $2.7M of daily profit. While Roblox represents the top grossing US app store for April

Mobile Gaming reaches $5 Million in Daily Revenue

2019, Roblox Mobile hit more than $1BN in lifetime revenue. While 67% of that came from the US alone. The kid friendly game reached over 290M downloads. Furthermore Google Play downloads made 75% of that amount, yet, it was Apple users more likely to spend in game. With iPhone and iPad spending account for 76% of the revenue.

Fortnite came in 2nd in the US with a total of $2.3M of daily income for April, revealed by Statista data. Fortnite, owned by Epic Games, became the leading free to play game in 2019, reaching a total of $1.8BN of revenue.

Both Roblox and Fortnite, two leading mobile iOS gaming apps in the US, garnered over $5M of daily revenue for April. This accounts for $1.8M of daily profit. With Candy Crush Saga coming in 3rd for the most profitable mobile game in the US app store.

Coin Master Hit $1.7 Million 

4th is Coin Master. Statistics show that the popular single player game, which was created by Israeli studio Moon Active. Hit $17M of revenue and over $2M of downloads last month.

PUBG Mobile -2nd Anniversary came in 5th in April. Hitting $1.4M daily profit. Last month the free to play multiplayer game hit 11M downloads and $23M worth of revenue worldwide. With $1.7 million daily, Coin Master ranked fourth on this App Store list. Statistics show the popular single-player mobile game created by Israeli studio Moon Active hit over $17 million in revenue and more than 2 million downloads globally



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