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Multiplayer Madness in Virtual Reality – Anvio VR

Multiplayer Madness VR – Anvio VR

Recently we got invited down to Anvio VR UK a brand new 'VR Playground' that has opened up in London recently. They're brand new in London and opened in early 2018, so as lovers and enthusiasts of virtual reality and all things technology, we thought we'd head down and check it out!For more information please click here: book your own tickets please click here: website is here http://www.howtokillanhour.comOur podcast is here

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 3 May 2018

Recently we got invited down to Anvio VR a brand new ‘VR Playground’ that has opened up in London recently. They’re brand new in London and opened in early 2018, so as lovers and enthusiasts of virtual reality and all things technology, we thought we’d head down and check it out!

Unlike a lot of VR games or events this is an experience in which you’re allowed to play! Hence why they’re describing it as a playground! What we mean by play is that you’re free to move around. As you’re not confined to a small play area. So you get to run around a HUGE room and experience, quite literally, a whole new world!

In the worlds that Anvio VR have created you can run, jump and even wave to your partners whilst in the game, all that and much much more! Their play area is also fully wirless so there’s no worry about running into a wall or falling over wires. Thus creating a much more realistic and immersive experience. Plus there’s guides in the room, who are there to help prevent you from crashing into any walls, if you do manage to find your way to a wall that is!

Currently Anvio have two games available to play:

Anvio VR: City Z

This game lasts 45mins and is for a team of 4 ages 12 and up. You’re provided with an assault rifle or a mele weapon to play whilst in this game. The City Z gameplay mixes close quarter combat and full blown warfare. You’ll be thrown in to dark corridors and be aware if you’re afraid of heights! What are you fighting? An How To Kill An Hour favourite: ZOMBIES!

Anvio VR: Lost Sanctuary

This game too lasts 45mins and for a team of 4 ages 12 and up. Yet instead of action, this is a puzzle game and you got to focus on the traversing environment. You’ll be transported into an ancient abandoned city, your task is to find out more about the city and look for the treasure! As you’ll too be faced with combat and some heights!

To purchase tickets of your own to go and venture in multiplayer madness please click here!

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ViaVan: Uber Rival

So, it seems as though there’s a rival to Uber in London. However, it’s limited to ride shares only, no single riders here! It’s called ViaVan and it may be your next ride. It’s only available in Zones 1  & 2 in London, has a start offer of £3 a ride.

Developed by Mercedes-Benz and US start up based on Ride-Sharing ‘Via’ has launched in London to jump on the bad press that Uber has got and take some of it’s market share.

However it’s not quite what you think. It’s like Uber, but for a bus. But not a literal BUS. Like a mini version. (But not a minibus)

Instead of you opening up the app and looking for your ride. You open the app, summon a ride, like usual. However, you then have to wait while ViaVan calculates the demand for your route. Then it matches you  (Tinder anyone?!) with passengers that are also making that route at a similar time. Then instead of picking you up where your standing your told to go to a destination to wait. Then go on your ride with your new best friends! (However, we’re Brits so we won’t talk to one another and just awkwardly stare at the floor) Then your dropped off somewhere near your destination. Sounds bad ‘near’ but ViaVan promise that it won’t be a lengthy detour.

ViaVan: Value

ViaVan’s CEO Chris Snyder, told Business Insider that their drivers get a higher commission (they’re also limited in numbers) and take safety of their drivers seriously. The idea behind ViaVan is to reduce congestion and offer alternatives to public transport. He also belives that his model of riding sharing is much more sustainable than that of individual cab rides.

Drivers are said to receive 24/7 phone support and if you drive for them your driving hours are limited to 10 hours per day. Whilst also being eligible for a higher cut of the money received. ViaVan will only take 15% of commissions whilst Uber takes 20-15%.

Drivers should earn more, but that’s because their is less of them around. As it’s a ride sharing app there is less of a need for a huge number of drivers as your drivers are taking more passengers each trip. Whilst this means larger fares, depending on the amount of riders, it will be cheaper for the users but better in value for the driver.

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

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Justice League Experience

Event: Justice League Experience!

Boosted Boards. How Far Can They Go?

We love our Boosted Board here at the office, it was a lovely day in London, so we thought we’d take it for a test!

Boosted Boards boast a full charge can reach up to 7 miles…so we charged one up and took it round one of London’s most scenic areas to find out!

Purchase a Boosted Board here!

UK’s HUGE Theme Park

The UK’s HUGE theme park which is £3.2 Billion development for a brownfield site on the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, what’s currently an unused cement works will be transformed into a HUGE 872 acre park. That includes cinemas, restaurants, theatres, rollercoasters (of course) 3,500 hotel rooms, a development of the UK’s largest indoor water park and 14,000 parking spaces.

Tickets are estimated at a reasonable £57 and transport packages will be available as it’s next to Ebbsfleet international, which is 20mins away from St Pancras in London. London Resort Companies Holdings are behind the project and they were in partnership with Paramount, but now the deal is off the table but the development is still there to build rides based on Hollywood film franchises.

Building work (if the government approves plans which take 12-18months to approve) is planned to be undertook between 2019-2022 with doors opening in 2023.


BallieBallerson UPDATE

Last year we spoke about BallieBallerson well we went and experienced it this past week and it was a LOT of fun!

We went along to the Brunch event at Dalston which states on their website:

Saturday & Sunday Daytime 





BallieBallerson is an adult play pen set over two floors; the underground club is kitted out with 250k clear balls set upon an LED dancefloor.

Upstairs the bar is decorated with plasma balls and glow in the dark murals that are charged with UV light blasts whilst DJs spin funk and ragged house.

Cocktails are themed around the planets; Neptune is based on charcoal and liquid nitrogen; the helium rich Saturn is garnished with a floating balloon; and Uranus, which is undrinkable until you’ve eaten the Miracle Berry pill provided.

Buy a ticket for entry where you can enter and exit the ball pit as many times as you like in your time slot. 

79 Stoke Newington Road

N16 8AD

Open Tuesday to Sunday 



Buy tickets here!

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Big Smoke Show Image

Episode 242 Big Smoke Scavenger Hunt

Junkyard Golf

Episode 179 BeoPlay H5

Using exercise to pay for stuff?!

Get bigger over Christmas?

Well there’s a way to lose those pounds without spending a pound!

There’s a cafe popping up in Covent Garden where you can pay for your coffee or your sandwich with exercise!

It’s called ‘Run For Your Bun’ and is set up by David Lloyd Gyms, they will let you order whatever you want from the menu – in exchange for a short 10 minute High Intensity Interval Training session.

So basically a short burst of  treadmill sprints, a few burpee’s even a few reps on a rowing machine. Once that’s done you get your sandwich.

Book a free spot here

 The ‘Run For Your Bun’ café on January 11–13, noon–3pm at 3 Slingsby Place, Covent Garden, WC2E 9AB.

Listen to the guys chatting about this here!