Episode 314 Smut Block

Fortnite Marshmellow

Fortnite Marshmellow MONSTER Concert!

During the Super Bowl this past Sunday something amazing happened. It wasn’t the half-time show from Maroon 5, nor was it the Patriots winning the Super Bowl again. Introducing Fortnite’s Marshmellow monster concert!

It happened in the hugely popular video game Fortnite. Players who were logged into Fortnite at 19:00GMT were only allowed to play one game mode: Showtime.

Interactive Concert

By playing this game mode, players were treated to a Marshmellow concert, complete with a Marshmellow avatar and trademark turntables, a concert which was entirely live, while the masked DJ urge players to dance and have fun along to the music.

Marshmellow’s Fortnite set lasted 10mins and players could launch themselves into the air, bounce beach balls and dance, the set was entirely interactive.It is said that MILLIONS attended Marshmellow’s set, during which non music game modes weren’t available to them. Therefore judging by the fact that there are an estimated 125million users a fair chunk of those would’ve been in this set.


Video Game Concerts

It would be interesting to know if it rivalled the numbers of the actual Super Bowl half time show, if so, is this an argument for other games to host their own mini music concert? Is this the future? We don’t think it will ever replace a real music concert, but, is there space in the video game world for this type of content?

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