Thomy Rot Weiß

Thomy Rot-Weiß toothpaste Ketchup & Mayo!

Ketchup & Mayo in a toothpaste style sauce. Sounds odd but quite interesting doesn’t it? That’s what Thomy Rot-Weiß have created.

Condiments usually work better on their own and rarely work when mixed. Things such as BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Teriyaki, they all work when on their own. Though have you ever thought about mixing them? No? Never? Me neither.

Well, regardless of what you thought of your favourite condiment on chips or a burger. Think again. As, it turns out you can actually get a combo of ketchup and mayo in a single package. Yes a single package. Not two different sauces in a box, two different sauces in the same container. Thanks to Thomy Rot-Weiß!

Ketchup and Mayo have been combined in a toothpaste style mix. It even looks like toothpaste once it is on your plate. The sauce looks like a liquidy candy cane as it oozes out of the tube.

For the American fans you can pick up some of it on Amazon for $10.

Just done brush your teeth with the stuff.

Purchase some Thomy Rot-Weiß Ketchup and Mayo here!


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