This is the Method 2 prototype, a massive robot from Gunpo, South Korea. It looks like ED 209 from Robocop. (Younger readers Google ED 209, then go watch the incredible movie Robocop movies from the 1980’s and 90’s! While they’re vintage, they’re amazing!) We’re coining it the HulkBot!

The guys from VICE went to Gunpo and tested out this giant mech bot. It’s made by a company called Hankook Mirae Technology and weighs 1 and a half tons and stands at a giant 13ft tall!

The reason as to why it looks like something out of a movie? Well, this super cool mech bot was designed in collaboration with a Hollywood designer.

Yang Jin-Ho is Hankook Mirae’s chairman and used a lot of his own money ($200m) to fund the Method-2 project and it’s called a bipedal robot.  The robot mimics a users arm movements and is kept upright by two metal cables attached to the ceiling. While this damages part of the fun and look of the Method-2, it certainly shows what can be created and can be used as a prototype for future versions of the Method-2.

Yang Jin-Ho told Vice: “It’s more likely it’ll be used in fires and disaster relief situations…But also find application in military operations.”

So, therefore even though it looks super cool, it’s not useable…..yet. In whatever form it takes, be it relief or military based, we’re certainly interested in the future of Method-2.


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