Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10: Get it at the right price!

First of all, as gadget lovers we all want the latest and greatest phone that’s out every year. While that may be the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Apple phone out later on this year. The phone’s available on offer are getting dearer and dearer though., have listed ways in which give us, the punters the best way to save some cash when buying new phones. Looking at the best contract or the best solution when trading in phones. Furthermore they’ll look at the best deals in buying and selling phones and sim only options.

Rob Baillie’s Tips

If you want the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or are waiting for the Galaxt Fold, will have the best solution for you. While, phones are getting dearer and they want to help.

“This was an interesting gamble for Samsung. The rush to seize the spotlight ahead of the biggest mobile event of the year meant they risked splitting the interest – deflecting buyers away from a very impressive S10 flagship handset, and towards the technically flashy, futuristic Fold device, that is at a price point which it can’t really back up yet in terms of proving value, that said sales are looking strong suggesting their new model does enough to get people upgrading.

The good news is that recycling prices have held steady in the aftermath of the launch, despite older phones typically declining in value when a new model is launched. In the four days leading up to the launch the average Samsung device trade in value was £70.66, and the four days after it was £70.78 with the average S9 losing less than £1 off the best price in the period before” Rob Baillie, mobile expert at

Not so Smart

Rob even gave some advice for those not looking to have all the latest gizmo’s:

“If you’re not yet ready to make that kind of investment, there are some fantastic phones on the market at the moment that won’t cost you thousands but also a lot of competing messages. The average consumer is likely to be lost in jargon-heavy white noise – do they need 5G? Do they need a bigger screen? Do they need a smaller screen? – when what they really want is a stable phone with a good performance and battery life. The market is about to be flooded with options and the risk is it will simply leave consumers with analysis paralysis, choosing to make no choice at the risk of making the wrong one. This is why we have rounded up the best options on the market.” Rob Baillie, mobile expert at

Trade In’s

To save some cash you can unlock your mobile at no additional cost to you once you are out of contract. So, all you have to do is phone your provider. Consequently, you can sell it to a much wider market this way. Furthermore you can get an additional 10% on what you would’ve received if you want to trade it in! Also, see below for a look at what you can be entitled to:

Device Working
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB £             73.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £           220.10
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB £           121.00
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB £           123.10
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £           300.26
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB £            95.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB £           248.20
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB £           203.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB £           280.20
Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB £            36.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £            300
Apple iPhone 6 16GB £           85.00
Apple iPhone 7 32GB £           178.10
Apple iPhone 8 64GB £           321.10
Apple iPhone X 64GB £           476.10
Apple iPhone XS 64GB £           645.00

 Rob Baillie’s Picks


BUY: A Samsung Galaxy s10e 128GB on O2 via e2save , with £190 upfront cost, 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts

Monthly price: £29

SELL: Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB for £220.10

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: No upfront cost and £27.75 per month


BUY: Galaxy S10 plus with 128GB of memory on ee via Metrophone with no upfront cost and a mighty 60GB of data

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts + £25 auto-cashback

Monthly price: £58.00

SELL: Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB for £280.20



BUY: Galaxy S10 128GB on EE via with 50GB of data

Extras: unlimited minutes and texts

Monthly price: £43 + £99 for the handset

SELL: Galaxy S9 64GB for £300

NEW EQUIVALENT MONTHLY PRICE: No upfront cost and £34.62 a month

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Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia XZ2

Marcus Bronzy checked out the Sony Xperia XZ2 whilst he was at Mobile World Congress and he was very impressed! Sony Xperia are quite the dark horse in the smartphone industry and they’ve got quite the range of features that many smartphone makers would be jealous of!

For example the display of the Sony Xperia XZ2 comes complete with their worlds famous Sony Bravia TV Technology. Complete will Full HD+ HDR display to give a user a very stimulating experience! Not only that but the audio is immense too! It has very powerful stereo speaker system and has built in tiny sub woofers that Sony are dubbing a ‘dynamic vibration system’.

Getting one over on Apple and Google, the Sony Xperia XZ2 is able to shoot 4K in movies, but in HDR. Making the home movies that you make whilst on holiday that much closer to cinema quality! Plus still photos will be shot in glorious 19MP one of the highest in smartphone technology today. You are able to shoot in slow motion at 960fps. With Sony’s 3D creator you’re able to scan yourself and your environment in 3D by utilising the front and rear cameras of the device.

Sony are very enthusiastic about protection and the Xperia XZ2 has Gorilla Glass 5 to offer top of the range protection to it’s screens. Furthermore Sony’s smartphone comes complete with IP65/86 water resistance!

Sony Xperia XZ2: Battery

One thing to note is Sony’s smart battery system! The Xperia XZ2 has a 3180mah battery which is very smart thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform processor. The Xperia Xz2 will over time predict how long you use your phone on a day to day basis. It will then warn you early in the day if it thinks you’re going to run out later on. Prompting you to enter Stamina mode. Entering this mode will cut off energy consumption to make sure you make it to the end of the day. Once your done for the day you can place it on a wireless charging base to top it up for the next day!


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