Lottery Winner: Would you go public?

Winning the lottery would be amazing wouldn’t it. A life free of financial worry, no need to care about if you’re going to make it to the end of the month. No need to not go somewhere to save some pennies. You can literally do anything you want. Money will solve a lot of problems. Having enough money to pay off your mortgage. Or even a house for that matter. Will always have food on the table, owning a car or having enough money to use public transport often. Having enough clothes on your back. But would YOU go public if you won vast sums of money on the lottery?

Turns out that just 1 in 10 would go public if they won. Just 1 in 10!

  • Majority of adults wouldn’t go public if they won lottery BUT fame would convince them to do so.
  • Twice as many men than women would go public just to be on television.
  • New study shows gambling awareness and behaviour and pinpoints the jackpot hotspots.

The UK is a nation of gamblers. With only 2% of us here in the UK never gambled, according to new research. The study looked into adults gambling habits. Subsequently looking at how often they place bets and what they’re gambling on. Furthermore the study also looked at what would encourage them to go public if they were to win £1M or more.

Gambling awareness is only at 2%. Shockingly 48% of UK Adults weren’t aware that the 2p and 10p slot machines is a form of gambling. Nor do 40.1% of those surveyed were aware that Bingo too is a form of gambling. This compared to 50.7% Millennials and Gen Z’s awareness that they do not consider online slots to be gambling, with 79.7% of Over 55’s thinking they do (class as a gambling activity)

Shockingly 11.9% of the same group of people (Millennials/Gen Z) do not consider sports bets, slots, scratchcards, casinos or the lottery to be a gambling activity.

During the study, it was found that women have less gambling awareness than men. With 11.1% of females incorrectly identifying any activities listed as gambling compared to 8.4% of males.

Lottery Jackpot.

When surveyed people were asked what would they do if they did win £1M or more. 12.3% wished to remain anonymous, believing it would be more futile. Believing going public would lead to more control. However, 5.9% said that they’d only go public to gain recognition for a large charitable donation.

It was discovered that those aged 18-24 were more likely to go public than the over 55’s (16.4% vs 3%).  Furthermore, 2.5% of adults in the UK (1,263,210) would give up privacy for fame if they won a 7 figure amount.  With twice as many men seek the limelight when compared to women (3.4% vs 1.8%)

Top five most common reasons that would encourage winners of £1m to go public include:

  1. It would be futile to stay anonymous and I would rather have control over it (12.3%)

  2. Recognition for a large charitable donation (5.9%)

  3. To show others that winning the jackpot can be done (5.8%)

  4. Gain help with accounting and banking (5.6%)

  5. To draw attention for a business that might be set up with the winnings (5.3%)

Big Wins

The research study also took a look at the biggest wins around the world and took a look at which activity was the most rewarding to punters. It also went deeper and looked at who won the prizes and where in the world they took place.

In a not-so surprising stat Las Vegas has a lot of the biggest wins. 10 out of 50 of the biggest jackpots since 2000 all came from the gambling centre of the world. With 9/10 top 10 casino jackpots have been won in Vegas. Casinos paying out a total of $196,238,754 across them. One Vegas local even won $110,726 in Bingo!

Out of all the largest sums since 2000, Lottery wins account for 10 of them, when compared to other forms such as sports betting. With all of those wins totally an eye watering $3,989,005,710.

Surprisingly a HUGE number of UK adults have played the lottery at least once (63%) and 55% of UK adults play it at least once a year. With the same number (55%) having played as scratchcard at least once.

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Tesla Burning Through Tons Of Cash!

So, turns out Telsa like spending money as fast as they do making it! A report by Bloomberg suggests that Tesla, if they keep going at the rate that they are, may run out of money by the end of the year! Elon Musk’s electronic car baby may run out of cash and the electronic car revolution finished!

The company fell short of it’s own production targets for the Model 3 Sedan once again. Futhermore another person died in a crash involving it’s assisted driving feature. So it’s not been a great week for Musk or Tesla. Musk himself has entered into a public dispute with safety regulators. Tesla had previously been a high marketed stocked company. This was boosted by a downgrade from credit analysts, yet it has dropped 26% from it’s highest in September. Ouch. Allegedly no one has raised cash and spent it the way that Elon Musk has. While no one has also made a bankruptcy joke on Twitter.


The company is so young and there is a genuine risk, without any additional funding or financing that the company will go bust. Which will be a shame for a 15 year old company that’s hailed as the company to usher in a new form of personal transportation. According to data compiled by Bloomberg the tech company goes through $7,430 each minute. Free cash flow (this is cash that a company generates after capital expenditures – has been negative for 6 quarters – consecutively. This, has sky rocketed to more than a billion dollars when Tesla reported it’s earnings on May 2nd.

There’s some rough times ahead and we hope that Tesla and Musk can pull through, it’s such a cool company and the future of tech needs Tesla!

This article was thanks to a Bloomberg report where you can see a much more detailed report of how much money Tesla are ploughing through! It even has a counter that predicts how much has been spent since you started reading!


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GTA 5: Money Maker

Despite being 5 years old, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still going strong. How strong? 90million units strong. Yes, that’s right. GTA 5 has gone 90 times platinum! The game has been released on previous generation consoles PS3, Xbox 360 as well as current generation consoles. Xbox One, Playstation 4. Not forgetting it’s PC release!

According to Market Watch GTA 5 is the most profitable entertainment product of ALL TIME! According to Market Watch the game generated $6billion in revenue since it’s release. So how big is $6billion dollars? Bigger than Star Wars and feature film Gone With The Wind. Both generation $4billion dollars.

To put this into perspective, the highest grossing movie of all time is Avatar, which earned $2.79 billion theatrically.

Again, this game is 5 years old. FIVE YEARS OLD! It allegedly makes $5M a day. It was the 6th biggest selling game of the year last year and it done even better in Europe. Finishing third biggest in terms of sales.

GTA V: Profits

GTA Online Multiplayer Mode. The single reason why it grosses so much money. In game purchases – may also be the reason why GTA 6 isn’t here yet. Who can blame them either!

While all this is impressive. GTA V is third behind Minecraft which has sold 144million units and good old Tetris coming in at 170million units.

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Spotify IPO

Spotify have as recently as the end of December filed for an IPO via a ‘Direct Listing’ this is a very smart move by the Swedish company. This is an alternative route to Snapchats IPO, and regular WallStreet ‘rules’. As there is no public furore leading up to the listing. Thus allowing execs to pitch their buisness to analysts and other suitable and potential investors. Better yet there are no fees to Wall Street underwriters. (As they would price a company’s shares before trading.)

What’s different?

A major difference between Snap Inc’s IPO and Spotify’s ‘Direct Listing’ is because Spotify have a LOT of money. (With over 60M paid subscribers they can afford to) So raising more money isn’t directly in Spotify’s interest.

Instead, they’re offering employees to cash out (at a current private valuation) and sell their shares to new investors!

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iMac Pro

iMac Pro’s are EXPENSIVE

Want a shiny new iMac Pro? Well, re-mortgage the house. It’s going to cost you. A LOT!

While the base iMac Pro is costly at just under £5K, sitting pretty at £4,899, that’s nothing when you start adding on parts.

If you, like us, are a bit of a geek when it comes to computing power. You want the best, most powerful computer you can get. That way you can get your work done as fast and as efficient as possible. So you can either go and start some new piece of creative piece. While on the other hand it gets spares up some time to crack on with COD WW2. Whatever floats your boat.


The iMac Pro, fully loaded costs a grand total of £12, 279. For that low low price you get 12GB of memory, a 4TB SSD and a 18-core Intel Xeon CPU (To release in 2018) Plus if you’re a sucker for all things matching, if you may decide to get matching space grey magic mouse 2/magic trackpad 2 throw an additional £149 on top of that sucker. I mean why not you’re spending 12K as it is. Yet, we’re only saying as Apple’s website state that you can only purchase Space Grey accessories are only available at time of purchase.  As a creative you may also want Final Cut Pro X/Logic Pro X on it too (though we suspect you may already have those on your account) but for those that don’t it’s an additional, £300/2oo respectively.

So….anyone want one still?



Four of the best apps to help you save money

Even if you’re rubbish with money!

If you’re bad at saving then these 5 app could be the answer to your savings prayers – they might even help you out of your overdraft:

1.   Chip:

Chip has a clever algorithm that monitors how much money you can afford to save by Looking at your every-day spending over a week.

That amount is then automatically moved into a read-only savings account that you can access at a later date.

2.   Folio:

Folio is basically the opposite to Chip.

Rather than the app automatically move money over to a savings account, Folio aims to help teach a generation of people how to save.

3.   Quidco

This isn’t actually a savings app – instead it can help you save you money on essentials – and luxuries.

The app has a varied range of retailers – more than 4,300 in total – which offer cashback on a range of products and services from car insurance and phone tariffs to clothes and takeaways.

4.   Monzo

Monzo is a banking app that offers an entirely separate (contactless) bank card that can be topped up from your regular account.

The app provides instant balance updates every single time you make a purchase.

It also allows users to set up various spending budgets for groceries, transport, entertainment and other categories.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Gives Away Money to Fans

After tweeting about wanting to help fans from all over the world, fly to the US to watch her in concert, Nicki Minaj then goes on to agreeing to help her fans out by donating money to multiple high-performing college students to pay for their education tuition.


“A hip-hop superstar deciding to make it rain for college tuition on a whim”


Screenshot from Nicki Minaj

Where it all started:

She made many transactions to fans in need, and promises to offer the opportunity to others in a month or two..


One fan on the other hand may be asking for a little bit too much from Nicki with over $250,000  owed.

Fan in debt

A fan in over $250,000 debt asking for Nicki to pay


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Episode 231 – Amazon Alexa Game BOSCH

Episode 124 Netflix vs Hollywood

Netflix planning a SPLURGE!

Prepare to kill even more hours on Netflix in 2017 and beyond as the company are looking to spend $6billion dollars (that’s a bit of an increase from $5million dollars in 2016) on brand new original content, spanning across 20 unscripted series in 2017! To put this into perspective as of December 2016 there are currently 30 original series that are either in development or already released.

Which equates to around 1,000 hours of original content! (according to Netflix’s very own Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos that this is a conservative measure) Getting further and further towards their goal of having over half of their catalogue as original content.

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