No More Heroes 1 & 2 Review

You’re all alone in the bedroom – put down that laptop down and pick your Nintendo Switch and give your attention to No More Heroes, 1 & or 2.

Yes – The Hack and Slash adventure that was Nintendo Wii more adult esq adventure. Which had you waving your wii stick and follows the journey of Travis Touchdown, and is a must for your Christmas stocking.

No More Heroes. Not for Kids.

Now NMH is not a game for Kids, don’t let the cell shaded animation fool you.

We talking Toilet Humour, Stylist art style!! Dope dope music and OVER THE TOP action.

The game follows Travis Journey to become the number one assassin by killing off the others in a very battle royal movie still. Like this game could be straight out a Tarantino movie, with lightsabers! YES Travis has a Katana which is basically a lightsaber and his personality has a touch of Jonny bravo. Yes he loves the ladies and it’s a bit of that one the top tongue in cheek and sexual references.

No More Heroes 2

No More Heroes 2 is more of a revenge tell and it’s your job Is to go and kill the top fighters. It plays really well on the Switch because as cool as it was waving around the wii remote. That type of gameplay has become a little played out. Game runs really well on Handheld mode.

No More Heroes

No More Heroes isn’t an open world game, the game has a map with lots of cool little hubs you can jump on your bike and ride to. From the most random side missions, which are basically 8bit mini games, that have you do anything from catching mice and rodents, to moving pipes. The best training mode, with the best chest hair wrestling looking,

No More Heroes feels like a OTT Japanese version of an American action. With some real stylist look that could’ve been taken from a persona game.

So yes like me if you think Die hard best Christmas movie, then No More Heroes 1&2 port are for you.

Written by Mr Midas

Purchase your own copy of No More Heroes 1 & 2 here: (No More Heroes) (No More Heroes 2)

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Black History Month

Black History Month – 7 Top Black Video Game Characters

Black History Month – Top 7 Black Video Game Characters


Hello and welcome back to the channel, October is Black History Month in the UK, and to celebrate we thought we give you a list of our favourite 7     Black video game characters.

I go by the name of Mr Midas and if you’re new to the channel please give us a subscribe.

representation is key, and being able to play as a character who looks, sounds like you is a dope feeling so we’ve complied this list but we’re only allowing one character per franchise and the characters must be a video game first, so no 50 cent in bulletproof, sorry Kat.

Number 7 – Black History Month

Jeffrey Cross aka OG Loc Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rapper

GTA is one of the biggest gaming franchises EVER! And has sold over 300 million units, and has featured various black MPCs thought the world. So it was an incredible surprise when Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2. The game featured a lead Black protagonist “CJ” Carl Johnson. San Andreas was heavy influenced by 80s West coast rap groups, such as N.WA and my favourite character in the game was wannabe rapper Jeffrey Cross aka OG Loc baby!

Jeffrey grew up on Grove Street, and therefore became friends Grove Street Families like Big Smoke, Jeffery was never really about that gangster life and even planned on going to college but ended up faking it and pinning the name OG loc, after coming out of prison.

You first encounter him, on a mission where he tells Carl that a viral rapper “stole his rhymes” And after a hype motorbike chase mission you find out later that he was just someone’s prison boyfriend.

OG Loc is hilarious and that character is a joke on the many rappers, who pretend to of lived that “Gangster lifestyle” which is further mocked when he works at Burger Shot as a “hygiene technician” and has CJ doing his dirty work.

And as much as he wants you to, you just never take him too seriously.

Number 6 – Black History Month

Nessa – Pokemon – Pokemon Trainer

Pokemon is arguably one of the largest gaming franchises, the series has sold over 368 million units, over 76 titles and representation never comes to mind when when thinking about the series. Until a Nintendo Direct revealed one of the coolest gym leaders I’ve ever seen for Pokemon Sword and Shield Nessa.

With her tall, slender dark-skin and long blue hair, Nessa is the definition of Swag and has spawned a wave of Black cosplayers having a dope character in the Pokemon series.

The water gym master isn’t a push over either and will give your Pokemon that work with her calm exterior.

Now that list was difficult, not just because there was so many great black characters to choose from the lack thereof. Its great to see more back characters in gaming, but black cutlure goes much further then just our mealin, and please sort out these Jamaican voice actors!

Thanks you for watching the video, make sure you give us a thumbs up. Happy Black History month and let us know your favourite Black video game character.

Number 5 – Black History Month

DeeJay Super Street fighter 2 Kickboxer

I was super excited when Street Fighter my favourite fighting game franchise introduced a Jamaican Kickboxer. Although DeeJay has a very stereotypical look, he had so much more swagger than Mike Tyson clone Balrog. Being not only a world famous recoding artist, the kickboxer who wears his signature, orange tracksuit bottoms and dreads swinging in the air  has an impressive move set and became a popular character within the FGC!

Although Capcom… his accent is trashhhhhhhh!! And needs major work fam.

Jamaican accent! Example. See it’s easy enough, better casting.

But I do love that once DeeJay defeats M.Bison he goes back to Jamaica and gets a record deal.

Mad ting!

Number 4 – Black History Month

Sheva Alomar, Resident Evil 5

West African born, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance – Sheva Alomar, shot onto the scene in 2009 in the super popular Resident Evil 5, as either AI companion to Chris Redfield for single player, or controlled by second player in the game’s co-op mode.

Sheva, grew up in West African region which was associated with guerrilla fighters. When she was 8 her parents died in a mysterious accident at the factory where they worked, which was owned by Umbrella.

Chris and Sheva’s relationship starts out rocky in Resident Evil 5 but as events progress, they begin to trust each other.

Sheva was a hit for fans and media and PlayStation Official magazine even stated she was “probably the highlight” of the game.

Voiced by black voice actress Karen Dyer

With an array or unlock able customer.  Sheva was strong, attractive and continued the great female protagonist in the Capcom series.

Number 3 – Black History Month

Barret Wallace Final Fantasy 7/ Remake 

Barret Wallace leader of anti-Shinra terrorist organisation AVALANCHE is one of the main party members in Square Enix biggest JRPG FF7 and Remake. The hot head, gun arm wielding is a power house on your squad with his Big Shot Limit Break and is Cloud first interaction on the star of the game. Amazing for his long ranged attacks, Barrett is the first Black Character in the Final Fantasy series and although he is characterised as an aggressive, square show hoe loving and affectionate he is especially towards his adopted daughter Marlene and team mate Tifa.

Barret is a must have on my list, as I love that square made him not only a vital part of your team but a major piece of the story of FF7.

Number 2 – Black History Month

LIFELINE – Apex Legends – Legend

Lifeline, the newest character on our Black History Month, 7 Top Black Video Game Characters list is 24 year old, Ajay Che, aka Lifeline. Apex Legends, free to play battle royal Lifeline is support legend, her D.O.C. Heal Drone is amazing at healing or keeping lies alive.

The dope healer has become extremely popular and has given many Black women a strong character who represents them, in todays popular shooters.

Although again, the West Indian accent is trash!! Who is doing these voice castings.

Number 1

Black History Month

Spider-Man Miles Morales – Super Hero

Spider Man PS4 is probably of the most fun, I’ve played on Playstation 4 and one of the most unexpected was having Miles Morales as a Playable character – The Mix heritage of Black and Hispanic character leads his own title on Playstation 5, which looks like EPIC to say the least.

Miles Morales being a spider man in a multiverse, has become more and more popular over the years. Plus enter the spider verse was an incredible movie. Insomniac has gone, far and beyond with the smallest but most important details with Miles. From his hair texture, posters and his neighbourhood. And unlike Peter Parker Miles is still very vulnerable and seems more human than super hero antics.

Black History Month – 7 Top Black Video Game Characters Written by Mr Midas Games

References: Wiki/Giant Bomb

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King – 7 Beginner Tips

Mr Midas your RPG specialist has taken Paper Mario: The Origami King for a spin and has compiled a beginners guide with 7 helpful tips!

Paper Mario takes your favorite plumber (who does basically anything) and makes him a piece of paper! The Super versatile Mario brother can do almost anything, we see him, driving karts, playing golf, olympics, doctor, Punching people up in Smash Bros and he can even get his RPG on!

Yes, Paper Mario is the Role Playing Series for our resourceful hero. The Nintendo Switch latest version sees his new adventure with a twist, fold and unfold in the Origami King.

So we thought we’d give you 7 tips, to help you along with your new adventure and get your origami on which you can view above!

Paper Mario: The Origami King Plot

Join Mario and his new companion Olivia on a comedic adventure that will take you to the far corners of a papercraft world in Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch!

Face off against the Origami King and his army of paper invaders, team up with some extraordinary companions and master magical powers on your quest to save the world.

A Whole New Story

King Olly has transformed Princess Peach into origami and uprooted her castle and sealed it shut with magical paper streamers. So it is then up to you and new companion Olivia are here to save the day.

On the journey to save Princess Peach you will be transported to scorching deserts, high seas and it also allows you to recruit an army of wacky travel buddies! You have to be quick enough otherwise you’ll be turned into Folded Soldiers!

Along the way you’ll be visiting a wide variety of distinctive locations, meet various colourful inhabitants and help save the world by repairing the damage which has been done by the Folded Soldiers. Also keep an eye out for rescue Toads trapped all over the world. They’ll go some way to helping you out! (For a price though!)

Olivia is there to help you fold paper and use various techniques to help you along the way such as the far reaching 1,000 fold arms! Keep your witts about you as you’ll need your tactical thinking and puzzle solving skills to help put King Olly’s origami army at bay!


Intro written By Mr Midas

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Persona 5 Royal: Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats

Persona 5 Royal – Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats!

Just got Persona 5 Royal and need to boost your stats? Watch on to find out our Top 5 tips to help get Joker to the best he can be!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Persona 5 Royal is a brand new RPG experience that’s based around the Persona! series. You take the form of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. It is your task to break free from the chains of modern society, stage grand heists and infiltrate the minds of the corrupt. Therefore it is up to you to make them change their ways for the good! to do just that:

Persona 5 is packed with new characters, confidants, an incredible story and new locations to explore. What we especially liked was the new grappling hook mechanic for a stealthy way to get around

Persona 5

Here are the top 5 ways to build your character, in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is arguably the most stylist JRPG with a fur base battle system that has, which has come out in a long long time, and as you can see by the metacritic score it is one of the top 5 jrpg’s ever released.

Persona comes from the shin megami tensei series and what makes persona 5 royal so slick and amazing is, it’s not like other RPGS, in most RPGs you only get character stats once you’re in a battle mode. But Persona 5 royal, NO! It likes to give you stats no matter what you’re doing, in your day. So we wanted to look at the top 5 stats ways you can build your character stats, while you’re killing time in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Top Tips #1 – Eating and Drinking

Tokyo is well known for its food, everything from Raymen, Katsu Curry to a simple Beef bowl and Persona 5 royal is no exception.

One of my favourite ways to stat build in person is eating and evening prepping food. Anything from being in the coffee shop brewing some of that famous coffee, and getting those major SP points that you need for battles. Upping your guts skills eating steak while you study in the dinner. But my favourite food stat  has to be Big Bang Burger. Persona 5 Royals, fast food chain. At big Bang Burger. You can order a take away, but you can also do the challenge and the challenge is what does it for me, because basically you get to eat a giant burger, which looks hilarious but you also get to increase 3 of your stats. Proficiency, Guts and Knowledge. But this isn’t an easy ride, you have to your stats on lock to finish it.

Persona 5 Top Tips #2 Kitchijoji

P5 Royal has introduced a Whole new area in the game called Kitchijoji, now this has lots of new things you can do, which is super dope, we’re talking, a clothing store, food vendors. Shops and even a temple, where you can buff your SP Points.

But my favourite new addition by far is the Penguin Sniper! Now the Penguin Sniper is a America style pool bar where you can do various activities, now my favourite activity to do at this bar is to play darts. Yes you can call your whole clique and play some darts. You do this by using your Dualshock controller like a PS Move Motion controller, and basically you direct it and give it a flick of the wrist to shoot your dart.

The aim of the game is by hitting your darts you must reduce your points from 301 to exactly 0 points, so you can’t just spam bullseye, move around and count down from 301.

Now this really dope, I spent hours just playing and getting lost in this. And you get to Increase your batten pass stats in battle mode, which is super useful when your in palaces and momentous. This is one of my favourites.

Persona 5 Top Tips #3 – Playing Pool 

Now another activity you can do at the penguin sniper is play billiards or pool to you and me.

Yes you can play pool, with your confidants. Now this is another really cool activities. Now I’m Persona 5 Royal you can chill with your confidants in the evening and pool is something I’d recommend you do to build up your stats and your relationship bonus, so you’re stronger when you fight together


Persona 5 Top Tips #4 – Dating 

There’s array of fellow students you can date and get to know from class honor student, who are all about the books. Although your a teenager you can date adults.  Becky your class teacher who’s moon lighting in a Japanese maid services, new girl, Kashmui, a feisty gymnast. You can get to know the local doctor. Who’s has a rock chick vibe and fludes you with medication.

So many amazing characters to connect with and find yourself very own wifey.


Persona 5 Top Tips #5 – Thieves Den 

Thieves den cool little metaverse den for the Phantom thieves to flex, you can spend you den points to buy statues of your favourite characters personas, new character Jose keep you updated with everything you needs, there’s an excuse gallery, to purchase artwork, dope movie theatre to watch your favourite Anime cutscenes. Music and lastly a cool card game.




Written and reviewed by Mr Midas

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