No More Heroes 1 & 2 Review

You’re all alone in the bedroom – put down that laptop down and pick your Nintendo Switch and give your attention to No More Heroes, 1 & or 2.

Yes – The Hack and Slash adventure that was Nintendo Wii more adult esq adventure. Which had you waving your wii stick and follows the journey of Travis Touchdown, and is a must for your Christmas stocking.

No More Heroes. Not for Kids.

Now NMH is not a game for Kids, don’t let the cell shaded animation fool you.

We talking Toilet Humour, Stylist art style!! Dope dope music and OVER THE TOP action.

The game follows Travis Journey to become the number one assassin by killing off the others in a very battle royal movie still. Like this game could be straight out a Tarantino movie, with lightsabers! YES Travis has a Katana which is basically a lightsaber and his personality has a touch of Jonny bravo. Yes he loves the ladies and it’s a bit of that one the top tongue in cheek and sexual references.

No More Heroes 2

No More Heroes 2 is more of a revenge tell and it’s your job Is to go and kill the top fighters. It plays really well on the Switch because as cool as it was waving around the wii remote. That type of gameplay has become a little played out. Game runs really well on Handheld mode.

No More Heroes

No More Heroes isn’t an open world game, the game has a map with lots of cool little hubs you can jump on your bike and ride to. From the most random side missions, which are basically 8bit mini games, that have you do anything from catching mice and rodents, to moving pipes. The best training mode, with the best chest hair wrestling looking,

No More Heroes feels like a OTT Japanese version of an American action. With some real stylist look that could’ve been taken from a persona game.

So yes like me if you think Die hard best Christmas movie, then No More Heroes 1&2 port are for you.

Written by Mr Midas

Purchase your own copy of No More Heroes 1 & 2 here: (No More Heroes) (No More Heroes 2)

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