Netflix Movie Theatres

Netflix Movies will release 10 films in Theatres!

Netflix will release Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Theatres first on November 1st before hitting streaming on November 27th. Therefore it looks like, Netflix Movies are here to stay and they look like to be taking over the theatre room too!

It took a while to get on to the big screen through months of negotiations. But Netflix did it. It highlights a struggle between the new medium in Netflix and the old in the traditional film industry. Theatre chains like AMC insisit on a 90 day period of exclusivity before hitting streaming services. While, theatres of course want as many bums in seats for as long as possible. While Netflix want to keep adding new content to their services to attract new subscribers. You can see the problem here.

Netflix has been seeking awards recognition and the prestige that the traditional medium gets. Traditionalists like Steven Spielberg who are vocally against streaming has once said that  all Netflix’s releases are “TV movies”. Has suggested that Netflix shouldn’t even be eligible for awards like the Oscars. Netflix wants to be in theatres for a bid to get the big awards. As they traditionally require a theatre run before being considered for a nomination. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences shot down a suggestion that the rules be changed. Not changed to make it easier for streaming services to win awards, but to make it harder!

Netflix is planning to release 10 movies at the end of the year. With a theatrical run before release online. Such as Steven Soderbergh’s The Laundromat which will be in theatres Sept 7th before making an appearance online on October 18th.

Netflix released 4 films in 2018, Bird Box, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Mowgli, and the Academy Award-winning Roma. To be considered for an Oscar, films must be in theatres for at least 7 days in an LA county theatre.

Netflix Movies release schedule

See below Netflix’s upcoming theatrical film releases:

  • The Laundromat​
    Sept. 7th (theatrical), Oct. 18th (Netflix)
  • Dolemite Is My Name
    Oct. 4th (theatrical); Oct. 25th (Netflix)
  • The King
    Oct. 11th (theatrical); Nov. 1st (Netflix)
  • The Irishman​
    Nov. 1st (theatrical); Nov. 27th (Netflix)
  • Earthquake Bird
    Nov. 1st (theatrical); Nov. 15th (Netflix)
  • Marriage Story
    Nov. 6th (theatrical); Dec. 6th (Netflix)
  • Klaus​
    Nov. 8th (theatrical); Nov. 15th (Netflix)
  • I Lost My Body
    Nov. 15th (theatrical); Nov. 29th (Netflix)
  • Atlantics
    Nov. 15th (theatrical); Nov. 29th (Netflix)
  • The Two Popes
    Nov. 27th (theatrical); Dec. 20th (Netflix)

(The Verge)

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Netflix Movie Theatres

Netflix Movie Theatres??


Netflix Movie Theatres. Sounds cool right? Well, that may become a reality in the near future.  According to a report from the LA Times the streaming giant were in talks to acquire billionaire Mark Cuban’s Landmark Theatre chain. However, they backed out due to the cost. Yet all is not lost it seems. As a source from Variety claim that Netflix weren’t just interested in acquiring Landmark specifically. But are considering acquiring theatrical real estate.

Netflix Movie Theatres: Why?

Sources who have spoken to the Times are reporting that the reason Netflix are interested in purchasing theatrical real estate is due to wanting to earn the respect it deserves from major theatre chains and film establishments. But why? When the streaming giant already has the most paying subscribers than any other streaming service on the planet. (125M, compared to Amazon’s 100M) Owning a theatre would make it easier for Netflix to qualify for Hollywood awards like the Oscars.

Netflix Movie Theatres: The Oscars

As having a theatrical release is one of the stipulations that you require to be eligible for the prestigious award. Yet there are problems here too, as Netflix have always stuck to a day and date structure. Meaning that the films that Netflix have produced have always been available on streaming and on theatres. This is a major reason, according to Variety as to why many major theatre’s won’t carry a movie from Netflix unless it’s an exclusive deal. Hence the reason as to why Netflix are pushing for ‘Netflix Movie Theatres’. Netflix aren’t new to the Oscar’s space, as they won their first Oscar for Icarus this year, which simultaneously debuted in theatres and on Netflix.  While they are no stranger to this scene, having their own ‘Netflix Movie Theatres’ would make life so much easier for them to put their own movies in cinemas.

Maybe there’s life in the old dog yet if the new boy still wants to hang around with the old boy!

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