Toilet Paper Calculator

How long will your toilet paper last?

There’s a toilet paper calculator to help you know how long you’ve got left based on the amount of rolls you have and the number of toilet visits you take per day. It’s called How Much Toilet Paper?! So helping during the time where people panic buy outrageous amounts of toilet paper.

We love talking about toilet trips here at How To Kill An Hour. We delved deep into how various different celebs wiped their back side. So now it’s time to find out how long that paper will last!

Staying calm and rational means that there’ll be plenty for everyone. The website starts with an average of 10 rolls left in the house with 3 visits per day. This will last you 53 days. Which is more than enough to last for a while.

For those wanting to delve down deeper into the more advanced settings. Which includes number of sheets per roll and the average number of wipes per visit.


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