Virtual Reality Worlds Expand in Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders

A brand new Doctor Who trilogy is set to extend across VR, console, Switch and Mobile. Also, a Peaky Blinders VR game called The King’s Ransom! Virtual Reality is getting interesting indeed!

Maze Theory, the Virtual Reality studio that will develop both these amazing games. Are set to receive investment from the UK Creative Content EIS Fund. Furthermore they’ve been awarded a second grant from the Government’s UK Research and Innovation Body, UKRI!

Doctor Who & Peaky Blinders Expansion

Doctor Who franchise expansion will kick off next year! Launching a Playstation, Xbox, PC and switch game. Plus a horror/sci-fi mobile phone takeover game.

The three games create a trilogy of experiences. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time VR was the first.

It will include new mechanics, new subplots and iconic features! Such as the TARDIS, Daleks and the chance to collude with the Doctor herself.

The Kings Ransom, launches in 2021. Tommy Shelby, Arthur Shelby and Polly Gray features. Also it’s set in iconic locations such as The Garrison Pub and Charlies Yard. Furthermore, King’s Ransom will be a narrative driven action adventure!

What they’re saying….

“Maze Theory is evolving to the next level. We know from feedback that fans of shows like Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders crave new and exciting experiences across multiple devices and interwoven stories that create an overall experience far surpassing that of a single game.”

The world is facing challenging times right now, but the gaming sector continues to be resilient in times of economic uncertainty. These investments and our new content initiatives enable us to grow our fanbase and drive our business forward. We remain as committed as ever to delivering brilliant gaming experiences.” Maze Theory CEO, Ian Hambleton


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The most loved and hated Peaky Blinders characters, according to you!

Peaky Blinders Season 5 is almost here. Our friends over at musicMagpie have analysed over 4MILLION Tweets and found out which characters we all love and hate. Plus the one’s that we simply cannot stop talking about!

Who are Peaky Blinders most loved characters?

The internets favourite character is Charlie Strong! He got 65% joyous tweets, while Tommy Shelby came in 2nd place with a total of 58% joyous tweets.

  1. Charlie Strong – 65% joyous tweets
  2. Tommy Shelby – 58% joyous tweets
  3. Grace Shelby – 56% joyous tweets
  4. Curly – 56% joyous tweets
  5. Chester Campbell – 55% joyous tweets

Who are the most hated Peaky Blinders characters?

You don’t like Linda Shelby! She took the crown as the most hated character on twitter. She recieved 35% of angry tweets! While Polly Gray took the second spot with 18% of angry tweets.

  1. Linda Shelby – 35% angry tweets
  2. Polly Gray – 18% angry tweets
  3. Esme Shelby – 18% angry tweets
  4. Ada Thorne – 16% angry tweets
  5. Lizzie Shelby – 15% angry tweets

Who are the most talked about characters?

Tommy Shelby took top spot once again, with 158,526 tweets about him. Arthur Shelby Jr came in 2nd with 46,975 mentions.

  1. Tommy Shelby – 158,526 mentions
  2. Arthur Shelby Jr – 46,975 mentions
  3. Polly Gray – 30,422 mentions
  4. Grace Shelby – 29,718 mentions
  5. Alfie Solomons – 23,556 mentions


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