Penis Grown On Arm After Sepsis Infection

We’ve covered a similar article in Episode 33– “Mohammad I’m Bad” which described someone with a bionic penis. However, this is about a man who GREW a penis on his arm. After he lost it to a horrific blood infection.

The father of two, Malcolm MacDonald, was even given an extra 2 inches to his baby maker. Though due to a series of delays he had to live with it, attached to his arm, for 4 years. Oof.

Malcolm is a mechanic and is desperate for the NHS Funded $50K penis to be transferred to where it should be. Malcolm has even nicknamed his baby maker “Jimmy”. Though he can still see the funny side of it. As you have to admit to have a willy dangling from your arm is kinda funny.

He is in awe of the medics who helped him turn his life around after he lost his confidence:

 “Of course it is mad – having a penis on your arm. That they can make me a new penis at all is incredible – but that they can build it on my arm is mind-blowing.

“It looks like something out of a weird sci-fi comic. But it’s my chance at a normal life. It’s been the first step towards being able to go to the toilet and even being intimate with someone.”

Lost Penis

Malcolm was shocked when a long term perineum infection developed into sepsis. Which turned his toes, fingers and penis black. His penis fell off in 2014, while his testicles remained in tact. Which left him devastated, describing the moment he said:

“I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it. Then one day it just dropped off on to the floor. I just picked it up and put it in the bin.

“I went to the hospital and they said the best they could do for me was to roll the remaining stump up like a little sausage roll. It was heartbreaking.”

Some Good Penis News

Father of two Malcolm said that his life fell apart due to a lack of confidence. Until his GP told him about a ‘Penis Master’, Professor David Ralph. Who is an expert in phallus construction at London’s University College Hospital. He was given a referral and recalled: “It gave me a glimmer of hope that I could go back to being a normal bloke.”

Professor Ralph explained the arm graft procedure to him and that it would take up to two years. Malcolm:

“As far as I was concerned, they were miracle workers and I was up for anything that could give me my willy back.

“For me I was never worried about sex, because I already had two children. It was always more about my self-confidence and simple things like using the loo.”

Malcolm had a skin flap taken from his left arm and had it rolled to form a penis, complete with it’s own blood vessels and nerves. While surgeons created a urethra and installed two tubes which can be inflated to form a mechanical erection.

The shaft was detached from his forearm, but the base remained. As you would expect, the penis would dangle on his arm. As it could then form naturally as skin and tissue. Malcolm said that when he saw it on his arm for the first time he was very proud! Even nicknaming it Jimmy!

“I took to it so much I nicknamed it ‘Jimmy’ – that was what me and my mates called each other growing up and this penis was definitely my new mate.”

Penis Delays

Explaining the delay, a UCHL spokeswoman said:

“We understand this is a distressing situation for Mr MacDonald. We will try to rearrange his surgery as soon we are able now that services are gradually returning closer to normal following lockdown.

“Unfortunately, there were delays before lockdown because Mr MacDonald missed or cancelled some appointments. We offered him four dates for surgery, one of which we had to postpone by a week but the other occasions he cancelled or did not attend.

“Mr MacDonald told us he had some issues with patient transport. This transport, however, was not oranised by UCLH. We understand this must have been frustrating for him.”


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Human Vibrator?!

One day we may be able to have a vibrating dildo/penis combo that will rock your partners socks off! According to Rich Lee that is.

Lee is a grinder, which is a member of a niche community of biohackers pushing the limits of what people can implant into their bodies. He has tiny magnets in his ear which work as earphones, he has magnets in his fingers, they don’t do anything useful its just for fun. He has an implant to guage his temperature and also a NFC piece of tech that he uses alongside a text to speech app to make his phone read him articles before bed. Lee’s next experiment? To small vibrating implant inside his penis, just below the skin to bring pleasure to the opposite sex, the device otherwise known as the LoveTron 9000. He see’s all of the implants as self improvement rather than mutation.


“Someday I’d like to live in a world where everything you’re dealt is changeable, fluid,” Lee told me. “My conception of an ideal self is something like a Mr. Potato Head, where I can just swap in and out different prosthetics for different senses and abilities.”

Interview Credit – Gizmodo

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!


Bio Penis UPDATE!

Imagine, having the BEST, WORST luck ever?! No, think again! Because boy do we have some news for you!

Remember Mohammed Abad from the Bionic Balls Part 2 EP?, Well for those that dont know who he is, he’s the 43 year old Scottish fella who lost his love stick, his disco stick, his purple headed solider, his tonsil tickler, his trouser snake, you guessed it, his penis in a car accident when he was a child has since been given a bionic penis and lost his virginity – Mohammed operates his penis by pushing a button on his testicles to inflate and another one to deflate. Mr Nim Christopher, the consultant neurologist who built the penis every man wants (wait you’ll see why) said: ‘It will stay up as long as he wants and then when he’s had enough he switches the off button.’  – Doctors also informed him that when he went to get his penis – ‘You’ve got a big arm, so we’ll be able to make you a big penis’

Well we have an UPDATE people

He is looking for love because he has a lot to give:

Mohammed told The Mirror: ‘I’m very lonely and would love to find someone. I’ve joined and an Asian dating site and I’ve even tried Tinder, but so far I’ve had no feedback. Not one date. I’d be eternally grateful if someone helped me find love, I’ve got a lot to give. The ­ultimate goal is to have two kids but I need to find somebody first” 

He has normal levels of testosterone and and doctors believe he will be able to have children.

So a big dick and can go for as long as he wants without a care in the world. Silver linings and all that Mohammed. Silver linings.