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Mikme – The Future of audio recording?!

This is the Mikme Microphone, a supremely powerful microphone that  boasts studio quality sound. From experience, we can tell you first hand that this microphone, really does produce some amazing sound quality! Consequently, in a tiny package too, we were seriously impressed when we reviewed this awesome little device! It’s touted as the world’s first wireless mircrophone and audio recorder in one. Simply press the button and voila, you’re recording. While you’ll need a smartphone to connect it to, to monitor what you’re recording, but other than that, you’re set! However, that’s no stress either! Simply connect your headphones to the Mikme to the reverse of the device to listen to the crispy clear audio!


  • The internal 16GB memory stores recordings anywhere. The 1″phantom-powered, gold-plated condenser capsule delivers 24Bit/96kHz studio-grade audio.
  • Their App receives the audio wirelessly to give you total freedom to move. The patented Bluetooth protocol ensures all samples arrive safe and sound.
  • Also, their App syncs the audio from the device with the video from the iPhone in realtime. Create, edit and publish content in studio-quality on the go. (Credit)

The Mikme is perfect for everyone be that a creative, a musician or a journalist anyone can take use of this amazing little device. Since, no longer is there a need for people to carry around expensive gear. All you need is a smartphone and the Mikme device and you can create content that rivals that of which has been recorded with high end products! Great for on the go, on field recordings!

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Listen to the guys chatting about this here! (Link LIVE from May 31st)

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