Charge and Store – Nintendo Switch

You have a Nintendo Switch. With plenty of games, a pro controller, joy cons and a Poke Ball. But how do you store them all? Can’t have them lying about and causing a mess or getting dusty. Or even worse, lost or broken! Therefore you need a storage solution! We have been trying out the Charge and Store by Venom for the Nintendo Switch. It’s fantastic!

Not only can you store up to six games safely. You can also charge your pro controller and joycons all at once! How convenient is that?! Especially if you keep your Switch docked and play on the big screen a lot. There’s no need to constantly be removing and plugging in your joy cons. They can stay charged nearer to you and never get lost!

There’s separate charge points for a Pro Controller, 2 Joy Con controllers and a Poke Ball. Better yet, there’s an LED charge indicator for when the controllers are fully powered. Furthermore it’s USB powered so you can either charge via a mans socket or USB powered device!

We think the Charge and Store is a fantastic little device and we think that ALL Nintendo Switch users should have one. You won’t be disappointed.

Purchase a Charge and Store for Nintendo Switch by Venom by clicking here!

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