Pico Projector

Pocket Pico Wireless Projector

There is a super cool, super small projector from Kodak that we just HAVE to tell you about. It’s called the Pocket Pico Wireless Projector and it just works.

It’s got a simple plug and play feature as it works straight out of the box. No headaches! The Pocket Pico Wireless Projector, easily connects to any mobile device for seamless screen mirroring.

The device is incredibly small as it is a 2.1inch cube and weighs a very lightweight 6.1oz’s! The Pocket Pico Wireless projector emits a 100 lumins display at a 854 x 840 native resolution. It can display a 100 inch display from 8 feet away and a 56inch display from 5 feet away. The focus is even adjustable!

This little device even has a built in speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack! It has a HDMI input, microSD and USB inputs. Comes complete with a Tripod, Remote control, built in rechargeable battery and is PC/Mac Compatible.

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Icodis CB 300 Mini Projector

iCODIS CB-300 Pico Projector

This is the iCodis CB-300 Pico Projector. A high definition, wireless, portable projector. Music Credit: Mate Lyons – Instrumental Hip Hop

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 27 July 2017

The iCodis CB 300 Mini Projector is a small but very very powerful HD projector for your films and movies!

  • HD – Brightness: With an astonishing 3000 ISO/500 ANSI LUMENS, the new CB-300W delivers crystal clear images, at a native resolution of 720p and support 1080P.
  • Android OS: Connectivity of this smart projector is enhanced with access to apps on Android and Apple phones. You can stream video content via Miracast, YouTube, Airplay, Netflix and other streaming apps.
  • Keystone Correction & 3D playback: The new hardware in the CB-300W allows for excellent 3D playback, its full-HD playback capabilities ensure some of the best quality images within the mobile projector market.
  • Ports: HDMI, dual USB, Vga, as well as Android TV allows the CB-300W to connect to any device you may have lying around. Whether its streaming from your mobile device or hooked into your Gaming PC, the CB-300W does it all.
  • Ultra-Portable:CB-300W Projector coming in at just 580 grams, and (S*L*W) 2.79 x 15.49 x 10.41 Centimetres the CB-300W is lightweight and portable. (Amazon)

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Xperia Touch

Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch does more than put on a show. It turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into an interactive screen. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

Xperia Touch is connected to the world of Google Play. Swipe through a recipe app, project your chat or keep up with your favourite vloggers. Whatever you like on your tablet or phone, is bigger and better when projected. It doesn’t just show images, it responds to you and your touch. Built with the latest Sony intelligence, it’s a portable projector that’s easy to use and remarkably smart.

Swipe through a photo album or play a multi-player game on your coffee table, Xperia Touch combines infrared light array with 60fps camera capture to turn a flat surface in your home into a 23-inch touchscreen.

Xperia Touch automatically turns on when it senses your approach. Use it as a message board by the front door to keep everyone informed. Or set it up as a wall clock that appears when you’re in the room

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