PS VR – The most affordable VR?

First of all, Playstation are the first on to the scene with Virtual Reality for home consoles in the form of PS VR! What a joy it is as well! We feel that VR (Virtual Reality) along with AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be the next big thing in home entertainment and the PS VR is the most powerful home console VR system that you can get today!

PlayStation VR works with whichever PS4 console you own! Just connect up the headset to the PS4, add the Playstation Camera (for tracking purposes) and away you go!

PS VR Features:

  • 5.7” OLED screen (But it fills up your entire visual spectrum!)
  • 360 degree vision
  • In addition to, 360 degree media playback
  • 3D Blu Ray playback abilities (Via PS4 playback of 3D Blu Rays)
  • While games run at 120 frames per second
  • 3D Audio for incredible immersion
  • Also includes built In Microphone
  • Incredible tracking with the Light Bar on the PS4 Dual Shock 4 Controller, Playstation Move and PS VR aim controller

The Playstation VR really will step up your gaming experience and we feel that it will only get better! Both in generations of the hardware and with software updates!

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