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We recently discovered this amazing smaller YouTuber called Green Man Gaming and they’re amazing! We think that they deserve a lot more eyes on them! So have decided to showcase them here on How To Kill An Hour.

They do a whole host of different types of videos, like the comedy style above, to a historic look through at games. For example, they looked at Ace Combat through the years, giving a good insight as to how the game has developed over the years. As well as longer play through’s they also do miniature (sub 10minute) play through of games, their most recent one was of Rage 2. Furthermore they also do a pretty cool Throwback Thursday features where by they look at past games, in this one they look at Super Mario 64. However, we cannot go by and not mention the really cool video they did before Christmas. It was called Video Games Rock. It’s a mash up video of video game’s dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. It’s worth a watch. Even if it is February!

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