Xenoblades Chronicles

Xenoblades Chronicles: Top 5 Tips For Beginners

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is out and here are our Top 5 Tips For Beginners from our JRPG Guy Mr Midas!

A sprawling RPG classic is reborn in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. In the aftermath of a devastating invasion, embark on a journey that will take you beyond the horizon. Can you change the future, or is your race doomed to extinction?

With a brand new epilogue adventure, HD visuals, smoother gameplay, remastered music tracks, and more, new and returning players can freshly experience the ultimate version of Shulk and co.’s epic RPG adventure!


5 – Auto Attack

Now Xenoblades Chronicles has one of the most unusual fighting mechanics in any roll playing game. And has pages on pages of instructions that may go over the head of a newbie to the series. 

Now the first thing you need to be aware of is Auto Attack. Shulk and the rest of the party will automatically attack an enemy once you select them. Now you select them by using the right trigger and drawing your weapon by pressing the A button and therefore selecting the fight icon. Now as long as your character is in range of your targeted your character will alway auto attack. 

4 – Arts  

Now building your auto attack not only slowly damages your opponent, but it will build up your arts. Now your arts are your spectacular and all important attacks, buffs and defence in your battles. Positioning yourself right in a fight is crucial to get that extra damage, for example Shulk Back Slash is gonna buck up an enemy way more from behind than it will standing in front. So run forest run, and keep positioning your character all around your enemies.

Now upgrading your arts is super important, Xenoblades doesn’t have any health potions like in other JRPGs so you have to, use your skill points to increase the strength of your arts in battle. Now this is easy enough, select the arts menu and


Unlike most JRPGs Xenoblades has no healing positions so you can only heal yourself using your arts, now as long as you’re upgrading your art levels you should be okay but make sure you heal early in battles. Don’t wait until your nearly dead as

3 – Seeing the future

Now because of the power of the mernado, Shulk has the power to see into the future, which is super helpful in two respects. Combat, now once you have a vision that a character in your party is on deaths door, you can run over to them and warn that character by pressing the B button and sometimes allows you to select a move for that party member, allowing them to block, heal the party or give their own pre-ented attack, which helps change the future!

Another super useful tectonic is Shulk ability to see what items you’ll need for future side quests, in your items menu these items will have a blue enchantment mark. So you can stop yourself from selling to your local shop keeper.

2 – Run forest run

Now it may sound silly but Xenoblades is a very level based JRPG, you can be in a battle with a few enemy’s of your level or above, and then hijacked by more and more opponents and you can quickly find yourself over ran and out matched, so don’t be afraid to put away your weapon and run for the heels, if you find yourself randomly in persuade by an op enemy 50 levels above u that can kill u in one hit run n jump off a mountain into the nearest lake.  

1 – Chain Attack

Now Chain attacks are super cool, they help you easily topple an enemy or just beat them down, now Chain attacks are easy enough. Once your party gauge is full! All 3 bars, the party is linked with blue lines. Press up on the Talent arts Icon and you get to link three arts, pay special attention to what arts you use and the tiny writing telling you the perks of that specific art. The higher your affinity in your party the longer chains you can achieve. 

Xenoblades Chronicles Definitive Edition, written and reviewed by Mr Midas

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Persona 5 Royal: Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats

Persona 5 Royal – Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Stats!

Just got Persona 5 Royal and need to boost your stats? Watch on to find out our Top 5 tips to help get Joker to the best he can be!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Persona 5 Royal is a brand new RPG experience that’s based around the Persona! series. You take the form of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. It is your task to break free from the chains of modern society, stage grand heists and infiltrate the minds of the corrupt. Therefore it is up to you to make them change their ways for the good! to do just that:

Persona 5 is packed with new characters, confidants, an incredible story and new locations to explore. What we especially liked was the new grappling hook mechanic for a stealthy way to get around

Persona 5

Here are the top 5 ways to build your character, in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal is arguably the most stylist JRPG with a fur base battle system that has, which has come out in a long long time, and as you can see by the metacritic score it is one of the top 5 jrpg’s ever released.

Persona comes from the shin megami tensei series and what makes persona 5 royal so slick and amazing is, it’s not like other RPGS, in most RPGs you only get character stats once you’re in a battle mode. But Persona 5 royal, NO! It likes to give you stats no matter what you’re doing, in your day. So we wanted to look at the top 5 stats ways you can build your character stats, while you’re killing time in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Top Tips #1 – Eating and Drinking

Tokyo is well known for its food, everything from Raymen, Katsu Curry to a simple Beef bowl and Persona 5 royal is no exception.

One of my favourite ways to stat build in person is eating and evening prepping food. Anything from being in the coffee shop brewing some of that famous coffee, and getting those major SP points that you need for battles. Upping your guts skills eating steak while you study in the dinner. But my favourite food stat  has to be Big Bang Burger. Persona 5 Royals, fast food chain. At big Bang Burger. You can order a take away, but you can also do the challenge and the challenge is what does it for me, because basically you get to eat a giant burger, which looks hilarious but you also get to increase 3 of your stats. Proficiency, Guts and Knowledge. But this isn’t an easy ride, you have to your stats on lock to finish it.

Persona 5 Top Tips #2 Kitchijoji

P5 Royal has introduced a Whole new area in the game called Kitchijoji, now this has lots of new things you can do, which is super dope, we’re talking, a clothing store, food vendors. Shops and even a temple, where you can buff your SP Points.

But my favourite new addition by far is the Penguin Sniper! Now the Penguin Sniper is a America style pool bar where you can do various activities, now my favourite activity to do at this bar is to play darts. Yes you can call your whole clique and play some darts. You do this by using your Dualshock controller like a PS Move Motion controller, and basically you direct it and give it a flick of the wrist to shoot your dart.

The aim of the game is by hitting your darts you must reduce your points from 301 to exactly 0 points, so you can’t just spam bullseye, move around and count down from 301.

Now this really dope, I spent hours just playing and getting lost in this. And you get to Increase your batten pass stats in battle mode, which is super useful when your in palaces and momentous. This is one of my favourites.

Persona 5 Top Tips #3 – Playing Pool 

Now another activity you can do at the penguin sniper is play billiards or pool to you and me.

Yes you can play pool, with your confidants. Now this is another really cool activities. Now I’m Persona 5 Royal you can chill with your confidants in the evening and pool is something I’d recommend you do to build up your stats and your relationship bonus, so you’re stronger when you fight together


Persona 5 Top Tips #4 – Dating 

There’s array of fellow students you can date and get to know from class honor student, who are all about the books. Although your a teenager you can date adults.  Becky your class teacher who’s moon lighting in a Japanese maid services, new girl, Kashmui, a feisty gymnast. You can get to know the local doctor. Who’s has a rock chick vibe and fludes you with medication.

So many amazing characters to connect with and find yourself very own wifey.


Persona 5 Top Tips #5 – Thieves Den 

Thieves den cool little metaverse den for the Phantom thieves to flex, you can spend you den points to buy statues of your favourite characters personas, new character Jose keep you updated with everything you needs, there’s an excuse gallery, to purchase artwork, dope movie theatre to watch your favourite Anime cutscenes. Music and lastly a cool card game.




Written and reviewed by Mr Midas

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Anthem is EA’s brand new game that really surprised everyone during E3 2017. It’s a brand new game, a brand new franchise in a completely new universe. It’s a futuristic open-world RPG that many are excited about and for good reason!

Anthem is an upcoming online only, multiplayer, open world,  third person RPG game that’s being developed by BioWare Edmonton and published by EA. Due for release in 2018, this game is said to be HUGE and it’s release is not too far away. February 22nd to be exact! You and your friends take take on a role of a Freelancer in a group of up to 4 bold and courageous people who leave their civilisation to explore a dangerous yet beautiful landscape.

If the gameplay trailer didn’t get you excited the demo surely will, the VIP Demo is available for a short peroid between January 25th-27th. A few weeks prior to it’s release on February 22nd.

How do I get access to the VIP Demo?

Well you can pre-order the game, join Origin Access or join EA Access to experience Anthem before everyone else. Furthermore by playing the VIP Demo you get an in-game item. Highlighting that you were one of the first gamers to play!

For more information on the VIP Demo please click here to head to EA’s website.

Pre-Order Anthem here!

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Our friends over at IGN got a chance to check out Cyberpunk 2077 recently and they shared some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on their YouTube channel. Boy oh boy does it look good! (Though bare in mind that the footage you are seeing is from a work in progress game so all is subject t0 change. That being said it gets us excited for the release of this truly beautiful game! Bare in mind though that this game will most likely be an 18+. So the footage above is going to be very violent, use swear words,  nudity and show a lot of gore! Even though this is pre-release the graphics are clean, sharp and beautiful, which is ironic considering the scenery.

Gameplay Features

Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person RPG and we got a glimpse into how this will be incorporated in to the game. It’s CD Projekt Red’s level of detail that impressed us from the offset. Even when creating a character, the choices you make upon creation of their backstory will affect how the story will unfold going forward. IGN’s Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay shows the team take the role of a female character on her quest to find a missing person. Viewing the 48minute gameplay demo highlighted how fluid the cutscenes to gameplay is, making it feel somewhat like a movie.

The story seems very intriguing to us and we felt really immersed and we were only watching! Tasks are displayed in the top right hand corner which is very handy and easy to follow. Whilst there is no multiplayer revealed for Cyberpunk 2077, this looks like one stellar single player experience!


More Info

Developer CD Projekt Red describe Cyberpunk 2077 as an ““an open world, narrative-driven role-playing game” so essentially this game, as beautiful as it looks, is a first person role playing game. A first person role playing game that is also open world and narrative driven. We are liking the sound of this already! Fallout fans listen up! As even though the game is in first person, the game is said to offer players, plenty of chances to see what your character looks like. Consequently IGN pointing out that the game is a First Person RPG and not an FPS. While this is an action game, don’t expect lots of bang bang action 24/7.

Furthermore we are liking the route that this game is taking, making sure to emphasise the fact that it’s not just a shooter and it seems like there is a HUGE focus on storytelling. That’s what we got from the trailer, the trailer looked very movie like and we cannot wait to get our hands on it!


Users are playing as “V”, who is a “hired gun on the rise” within the Cyberpunk violent metropolis, Night City. Judging from the trailer we are getting a Matrix/Ready Player One vibe to the game. Going more indepth on the character customization, CD Projekt Red promises a “robust character creator” which will allow platers to choose things such as gender, appearance class and even their characters backgrounds. However, choose wisely as the choices that you make now, will affect and influence how the game plays out.

Yet much like regular RPG’s players are encouraged to interact with the various residents of Night City. Users do this via a dialogue system, which in turn will navigate the Cyberpunk 2077 narrative. With CD Prokekt Red stating that “difficult decisions will ripple through the entire game” (Polygon)

Listen to Marcus and Julia discussing this on the show by clicking here!

So, why not pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 by clicking here!

Also covered this game in one of our E3 specials listen it by clicking here!


Anthem is an upcoming online only, multiplayer, open world,  RPG game that’s being developed by BioWare Edmonton and published by EA. Due for release in 2018, this game is said to be HUGE and a lot of fans are eagerly awaiting it’s release. You and your friends take take on a role of a Freelancer in a group of up to 4 bold and courageous people who leave their civilization to explore a dangerous yet beautiful landscape.

To Pre-Order Anthem please click here!

Final Fantasy XV Review

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Final Fantasy KINGSGLAIVE XV: Road to Release

Final Fantasy Kingsglaive XV: Road to Release is an AMAZING film, it looks incredible and the movie is even better, the guys couldn’t believe they were actually watching a CGI movie and not real people!

The movie is about the magical kingdom of Lucis which is home to the sacred Crystal and low and behold some evil guy wants to steal it – the menacing empire of Niflheim to be exact. It is here where King Regis of Lucis (played by Sean Bean) gets together an elite force of soldiers otherwise known as the Kingsglaive. Armed with the Kings Magic, Nyx (played by Aaron Paul) fight to protect their home of Lucis.  However things take a turn for the worse and the empire is just to strong for the Lucis Army and King Regis is forced to make a decision that may bring evil to their home. Does he force Prince Noctis, his son, to marry the Princess of Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Played by Lena Headey), captive of Niflheim and surrender all of his land to the Empire? Although this ultimately occurs, it is not long after that the devious Empire are on a destructive warpath bringing nothing but hell and brimstone with them. It is up to the Kingsglaive to help save the world and prevent the Empire from achieving world domination!

To buy your own copy of Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive Road to Release please click here!

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Dragon Quest Builders Review

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