CLCKR Smartphone Stand

We’ve been testing the CLCKR phone stand and it is really really good! It has made using our phone even easier, why? Well for us we’re people who love to consume content on the go, as well as at home. The CLCKR grip helps with this. As it provides a firmer and safer use of our smartphone. Not only that it looks really good too and doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the device.

It can be used on any device thanks to the 3M adhesive. While if you decide for whatever reason (we don’t know why you would!) want to take it off, it won’t leave any residue behind!

With CLCKR you can use it to;

  • Position your phone in portrait or landscape mode to video call with friends or family
  • Hold your phone comfortably and take brilliant selfies
  • Utilise the secure grip to make calls or use your phone on-the-go
  • Stand your phone up and use it as a second screen while working
  • Binge-watch your favourite films or TV shows hands-free 


Now, there’s a Rainbow version!

The Rainbow version of the Universal CLCKR has been designed to show care and gratitude to our care workers and NHS workers. The rainbow is now a recognised symbol of support for those fulfilling care and key roles during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore the rainbow symbol also has traditional associations with hope and peace. The Rainbow version is limited edition and is the perfect way to show support.

“Like everyone else, we’ve been moved by the important work carried out by frontline workers during this time to keep us safe. The show of support for them at our doorsteps, on our balconies and out of windows has been a highlight of our weeks in lockdown. At CLCKR, we wanted to do our bit to help and we look forward to contributing all UK profits from online sales of the Rainbow CLCKR to the COVID-19 fundraising appeal by NHS Charities Together.”  Phil Mulholland, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director, CLCKR

The Rainbow CLCKR stand and grip is available to pre-order now, priced at £12.99, with all UK profits going to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

Case Version

Want to use the CLCKR without attaching it to your phone? Don’t Fret as there’s a case version of the CLCKR! Simply attach the case to your phone and you’re away! No need to stick or attach anything to the back of your phone!

Purchase the CLCKR case by clicking here!

Purchase the original CLCKR by clicking here!

To purchase the Rainbow Version of CLCKR please click here! 

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra New Phone Who Dis EP3

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Marcus has recorded a new #NewPhoneWhoDis and this time round he is joined by Julia Hardy and they are testing the Samsung Galaxy Note10+. This little machine is very very powerful. Samsung are describing it as a computer, gaming console and a professional camera. All in one. It’s also a IP68 rated phone. Water tight!


The Galaxy Note10+ has superfast charging and can charge with 25W of power. Plus it has Wireless Charging on it too. The Galaxy Note10+ has a 4300mAh battery whilst the Note10 has a 3500mAh battery. You can even share the power with the back of the device with the Wireless PowerShare feature. Charge Galaxy Buds or Qi – Compatible devices with it.

The Note10+ comes with 512GB internal storage which is expandable to an extra 1TB with an external microSD card.

    On Galaxy Note10
    On Galaxy Note10+
    On Galaxy Note10+ 5G
    On Galaxy Note10+
    On Galaxy Note10+ 5G
The Galaxy Note10+ can also use two SIM cards at once. How cool is that?! The Galaxy Note10+ offers a Hybrid SIM port, so you can either add an extra SIM card or a microSD card, depending on your needs.


Rather impressively too the Note 10 and Note 10+ come with SUPER fast RAM!
  • RAM512GBON Galaxy Note10+
  • RAM58GBON Galaxy Note10
The Note 10+ has a vapour cooling system, which makes it perfect for gamers. Furthermore the immersive AR combined with the Infinity-O display and Dolby Atmos makes the gaming experience that much more immersive.

Samsung Note10+ Computer Power

Using the Samsung DeX you can use your phone like a computer. Drag and drop files from device to device and make quick edits on the big screen. Even work on the phone whilst connected to the computer via a USB cable.

The Samsung Note 10+ also has the ability to protect your data with hardware backed and multi layered Knox security platform. Furthermore the Facial recognition and Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner keeps your device super secure. You can also use a PIN, pattern or password.


The Samsung Note10+ has a POWERFUL camera. There’s 4 cameras in total. 1 on the front and 3 on the rear. Whilst DepthVision is only capable on the Note 10+.

Blur out backgrounds with video bokeh, add special effects in real time and even use the Zoom-in Mic to record the specific sounds that you want.


Best Mobile Camera

iPhone vs @SamsungUK Galaxy S10+ Vs @HuaweiMobileUK Mate 20 Pro Vs @GoogleUK Pixel Vs @HTC_UK One Plus 6T – which camera wins?

When is the best time to sell your Samsung?

Are you planning on getting the latest Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S10 once it launches on February 20th 2019? Do you already own a Samsung smartphone, or have an old one around your home somewhere?

Well, trade in site musicMagpie have got some news for you! If you want a new one, the best time to sell is NOW! They’ve got a handy chart (seen above) which depicts the value of a range of smartphones after 12 months.

Why is the best time to sell NOW? Well musicMagpie found that Android devices. Such as Samsung handsets. Could lose as much as a 35% decrease in value once the latest handsets release. In this case, the S10.

Trade-In Value

musicMagpie figure that the Samsung Galaxy S9 since its release in 2018, could fetch £300 if they trade in now. Those that have the larger handset, the S9+ can see a return of £340. However, once the S10 drops the value decrease is said to drop! If users were to trade in early, they will ensure a very good return on their initial investment.

The research from musicMagpie also found that both handsets the S9 and S9+ both decreased in value by 64% over a 10month period. Which was more than any other previous generation Galaxy handset over a 10month period. Suprisingly and interestingly, if the S10 follows the same decrease in value than it’s predecessors, it is set to lose at least 50% of it’s value in the FIRST MONTH after launch.


“With the S10 launch just around the corner, consumers looking to upgrade to the S10 can get more money for their old device now rather than after. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ lost the same amount of value in the same time and we’ve never really seen that in any other device range – usually, the newer version of the handset takes longer to lose value.

While cars typically lose approximately 20% when driven off the lot, technology items can lose up to an average of 65% once they are taken out of the box, depending on the brand. It’s well documented in our bi-annual depreciation studies that iPhones hold their value better than Samsung devices, and it’ll be interesting to see how much more the Samsung Galaxy S9 will drop in value once the S10 is out.” Liam Howley, Chief Marketing Officer at musicMagpie

For more detailed look at phone depreciation, please click here!

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