Seagate Game Drive PS4 – MORE GAMING FOR YOU!


Ever needed more space for your games? Have an ever expanding library of great games? Well Seagate have recently released a brand new external hard drive to solve those problems. The Seagate Game Drive for PS4 will boosted storage and offer game portability for all of your favourite games!

Seagate Game Drive just works!

The Seagate Game Drive comes in a 2TB capacity and will enhance your PS4 gaming capability! Furthermore it is as simple as plug and play! The Game Drive is officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and offers graphical branding. Which consequently mimic and complement the PS4 console design!


“Games can average 40GB per title, so even the highest-capacity internal console hard drives available can be maximized quickly…Seagate’s new Game Drive for PS4 offers a storage upgrade so users can keep saved content while expanding their ability to download new games and add-ons.”Jeff Fochtman, vice president of marketing for Seagate. 


The Seagate Game Drive will be instantly recognised by the PS4 and will install in less than 3mins. How quick and easy is that!

It is compact and efficient and better yet, it doesn’t need a power cord. Helping to improve portability if you ever wanted to take your games to a friends house.

Instant portable access for up to 50 games (We’re looking at you Read Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 100gb+ installs!) and add ons for both PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The new 2TB capacity Game Drive for PS4™ consoles is available for £79.99 by clicking here!

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