Human Vibrator?!

One day we may be able to have a vibrating dildo/penis combo that will rock your partners socks off! According to Rich Lee that is.

Lee is a grinder, which is a member of a niche community of biohackers pushing the limits of what people can implant into their bodies. He has tiny magnets in his ear which work as earphones, he has magnets in his fingers, they don’t do anything useful its just for fun. He has an implant to guage his temperature and also a NFC piece of tech that he uses alongside a text to speech app to make his phone read him articles before bed. Lee’s next experiment? To small vibrating implant inside his penis, just below the skin to bring pleasure to the opposite sex, the device otherwise known as the LoveTron 9000. He see’s all of the implants as self improvement rather than mutation.


“Someday I’d like to live in a world where everything you’re dealt is changeable, fluid,” Lee told me. “My conception of an ideal self is something like a Mr. Potato Head, where I can just swap in and out different prosthetics for different senses and abilities.”

Interview Credit – Gizmodo

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