CockCam – Go Pro for your D

The CockCam is “the world’s first cock ring with a camera” created by UK-based sex toy company Julz. It’s basically a GoPro style camera strapped to a cock ring. It is described as a “a revolutionary sex toy that allows you to record all of your erotic moments at never seen before angles, store and view videos on your mobile device through the Secure Mobile App, taking your sexy home videos to the next level,”

It costs $159.95 and can even record in infared night vision, HD video up to 90mins at 1080p and 15 frames per second.

The CockCam promises that both the device and it’s accompanying app are secure. The website states that all the footage is stored on your mobile device and not on the app. The app is used to operate the camera and view the footage only.

Only question is, is this thing safe to use?

Therefore we had to find out! While we didn’t use one ourselves, the CockCam FAQ page does note that the camera can get warm during periods of prolonged use. (Will many guys even get that far? Boom Boom)


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