Why Second-Hand Cars Are Perfect For Tech-Lovers

Tech-lovers beware: you’re making a massive mistake. When it comes to the car in your life, there is always the urge to go with a brand spanking new model. After all, they have the best gadgets and gizmos, the things that keep you awake at night with excitement. Who cares if they’re expensive? They’re worth every penny! At least, that’s how you feel now. Usually, tech-lovers change their minds when the realisation hits – used cars are as appropriate as new motors, and they’re cheaper.

Here are the reasons you should start looking at the second-hand market the next time you need a whip.


Used Doesn’t Mean Old

Sure, it might be older than something that came out this year, but it’s not ancient. Looking 4 Car Finance has lots of models on their lot at affordable prices, and most of them aren’t as dated as 2012. Anything that came out post-2010 is fair game because all cars come with cool tech gadget these days. Whether it’s a 69 plate or a 60 plate, you’ll get everything from an ABS to an in-car sat nav with Bluetooth sync capabilities. And, because the registrations are almost a decade old, the cost will be significantly lower.


You Only Need Certain Tools

Car manufacturers have us in a tailspin with the way they market their products and services. As a result, it’s not uncommon to think you need everything they have and to fob the base model off as insufficient. Of course, the reality is different. There is only a handful of equipment you need, and you can find a list of our very own on this How To Kill An Hour post. The things that make a difference to the driving experience, such as dash cams and auto energy braking, should be on your list and everything else can go.


They’re Installable

Okay, you’re a tech-lover so the idea of only using the necessary car tech is laughable. That’s fair. Still, there’s no need to fork out a fortune for a vehicle that’s overpriced when there is an affordable base model. Once you have a chassis, you can add to the skeleton of the car by installing the stuff you love. New brakes and a better suspension aren’t cheap, yet they’re more affordable when you do it yourself. And, the electricals are easy to get hold of and to install in the car’s interior. Essentially, you can do an Xzibit and pimp your ride!


Sometimes, Basic Is Good

Remember that pimped out cars make bad drivers. The next time you get behind the wheel of one without parking sensors, you should note how many times you back up without looking. It’s crazy. Plus, you might be a tech nerd but you’re also a car-lover and that counts for something. It means, deep down, that you love the sound of an engine and hitting the open road without any mod cons because it takes you back to a simpler time.


Used cars focus on the basics, and they get petrolheads’ hearts racing.

Dagsmejan High tech Pajamas

Dagsmejan High tech Pajamas

Lately we’ve been testing tech while we sleep. Literally! We’ve been trying out the amazing Dagsmejan High Tech Pajamas! They’re a brand new range of sleepwear that’s incredibly unique. They’re designed to help wearers get incredible sleep all night, but with a twist. They have unique moisture-wicking and temperature management features to them which help sleep better. Sleep is important to becoming healthier, happier and smarter. Sleep is vital for our health and the right temperature is just as important. Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.

The temperature in which we sleep greatly affects the comfort levels of our sleep. The fluctuations in the temperature in which we sleep can affect our sleep negatively. The Dagsmejan High Tech Pajamas are so intelligent that they can help regulate a wearers temperature to help them stay in an ideal climactic zone. If your temperature is better, you’ll sleep deeper and for longer too!

Dagsmejan High Tech Pajamas: How?

The Dagsmejan High Tech Pyjamas are made from the worlds most natural and finest natural fibres. They’re incorporated the latest sleep technology and innovative textile engineering. The materials that are used are carefully researched from the Dagsmejan team so they know what they’re providing customers is perfect.

They use Merino Wool for their pyjamas. While studies show that we can sleep for up to 15minutes longer with this type of wool. As a result falling asleep quicker and in an deeper slumber. They’ve produced an ultra light breathable version of this type of wool. Consequently keeping you warm and comfortable without becoming uncomfortable.

As Dagsmejan have produced a blend of Merino Wool and Tencel from eucalyptus. Therefore creating a fabric that is 2x as soft as cotton and 4x more breathable. Whereas we sweat as much as 1 cup of water each night, the material helps wicks the moisture away providing a comfortable sleep.

To read a much more in depth piece of how wool from Dagsmejan Pyjamas can help you sleep better, please click here!


Furthermore the Dagsmejan High Tech Pyjamas also have flat seams, no tags and have amazing waistbands to help provide a comfortable wear. We move up to 50 times a night, so therefore the Pyjamas have to move effortlessly with you.

Dagsmejan is a Swedish word that refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sunshine melts the snow even when the temperature is still below zero. It derives from two words. clag which means day and meja which means strength and power. Its the time when nature awakens after a dark and cold period. The power of nature was our inspiration for creating a high performance sleepwear range using the latest technology and all natural fibres to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Wake up as refreshed as on the first day of spring with Dagsmejan. 


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